7 Things I learned After High School

It will soon be 8 years since I graduated from high school and I’ve been trying to figure out this thing called life ever since. Today, I’m going to share

7 things that I learned along the way. Please feel free to share to any newly high school graduate you may know.

1.) Realize it’s okay to not have it all figured out yet.

• And that’s completely normal! You have your whole life ahead of you. You’re only as old as you feel and it’s never too late to switch career paths and start something new.

2.) Take a gap year/ Travel often

• This allows you to do some deep soul searching to really figure out what your passions are. If a gap year isn’t something that’ll work for you or if you’re afraid you might get too lazy, this option would not be best. Nonetheless, Traveling is still a must. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored!

2.) Community college and workforce career training programs are great options too!

Not to mention, they’re way more affordable. Don’t put yourself in a lifetime of debt trying to go to a 4 year university that you can’t afford. Student loans are a bitch! If you weren’t fortunate enough to earn a full ride scholarship or your parents weren’t able to “send you to college”, please consider this option.

• Apply for grants and financial aid. I would suggest getting your associates degree first, then transfer to a university to get your bachelors degree in order to cut down costs and gain experience faster.

• If you’re simply unsure about your career, pick up a trade and earn a Certification like Medical billing, veterinary tech, automotive tech, etc. This can really help you get your foot in the workforce door quickly and looks great on a resume. Some programs even allow you to earn transferable college credits that you can use towards a degree.

•Remember: make sure whatever career/major you choose, that it’s something you actually want to do. Don’t be ashamed of having to change your major a few times until you figure out what you like, cause I sure as hell did. Just because you come from a family of doctors and lawyers doesn’t mean you have to feel obligated to be one too, just to make them proud. It’s your happiness at stake here. You don’t want to become that person who wakes up every morning hating their job/life because they didn’t follow their passion.

3.) The military

• This option is certainly not for everyone but, the military could provide you some great benefits. Such as, money for school, travel, on-the-job training, medical insurance and a paycheck in exchange for your service.

4.) Find a side hustle or two in addition to having a job.

• It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra cash and something to fall back on. Maybe even get your entrepreneurial ideas out there.

5.) Learn to invest and save your money

• This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m 25 and I’m still struggling with keeping my finances in order. Investing and saving will definitely benefit you in the long run. Being broke happens but staying broke is no bueno, so proper money management is vital. Also, please learn how to do your taxes don’t be out here serving time in jail for unpaid taxes and filing for bankruptcy.

6.) Never stop learning

• Always keep feeding your brain knowledge. Even after you’re done with school still take the time to learn something new. It could be a new language or an online skill course. The sky is the limit. You can never learn too much.


7.) Do what makes you happy and have fun doing it!

• Point. Blank. Period.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re still undecided:

what really interests me? what am I most passionate about? Where do I see myself in 10 years and how can I get there? Do I really see myself doing this career for the rest of my life? Does this truly make me happy? What can I change and how?

You only get one life, live it on your terms!

Yours truly,

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