Cheesesteaks & Tote Bags

Welcome back! It’s July 1st and before we get underway into the month, here’s what I’ve been loving throughout the month of June in the categories of entertainment, hair & beauty, fashion, food, and health.

I’m still contemplating whether I want to bring monthly favorites back regularly or not, as they can be very long and tedious and my “favorite” things are constantly changing by the day.

I won’t go into long detailed reviews or give any spoilers here, so don’t worry. My goal is to make this as short ‘n’ sweet as possible for ya.

T.V. Shows

  1. The first show I binged through was Dead To Me season 2 on Netflix. It was a bit slow-building for me, not much action at all but still good nonetheless.
  2. HBO’s Insecure season 4. That finale though?! wow. This show is nothing short of amazing and relatable af.
  3. Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why season 4 & series finale. Some people’s high school dilemmas are more than boyfriend/girlfriend problems. These students went through alot in the past 4 years, lawd.
  4. Netflix’s Queen of The South season 4. I just love when the character: ‘Pote’ says “Tererista” in a spanish accent. Also, this show is complete bad ass drug lord/girl boss vibes. You’ll never get bored with this one.
  5. Netflix’s Blood & Water season 1. Definitely a pleasant surprise. The show seems to be based in South Africa and all the lead characters are so brown and beautiful. It was refreshing to see people who look like me portrayed on the screen again. It was drama-filled but tasteful.

I am currently watching The 100‘s 6th and final season on the CW network. This season has me very confused with all the various dimension and portal jumping going on but it still has me on the edge of my seat every episode. I’m sad to see it go.


I honestly didn’t find any good new movies to watch in June other than:

  1. Yvonne Orji’s HBO comedy special- Momma I made It. Yvonne plays Molly on the HBO series Insecure. I had no idea she was so funny in real life. In the special she shares alot of her experiences growing up as an American-Nigerian woman.

Btw, Neflix’s selection of horror movies sucks.

New Books

Currently reading: ‘Children of Virtue & Vengeance’ by Tomi Adeyemi, which is the second book series following the 2018 release of ‘Children of Blood & Bone’. It’s fantasy mixed with african, magical, awesomeness.


The podcast episode that stood out to me was Black Girls Heal – episode #53: ‘Building Supportive Friendships for Healing‘. which talked about healing intimacy disorders and the importance of creating a good group of friends to truly confide in and ones who will hold you accountable and be supportive along your healing journey.

And that it’s okay to have different friend groups like: your turn up friends, your travel friends, your co-worker friends, etc. but who’s really gonna be there for you when you’re having a mental break down at 3am?

Hair & Beauty

So, if you remember from my reintroduction post, I stated how my hair was in shambles but since then, I’ve developed a natural hair routine and have been caring for my crown much better.

I’m happy to announce I’ve been heat-free since January 2020. No flat ironing, curling, or even blow drying with heat.

I basically bought the entire Creme of Nature natural hair collection. It’s my absolute favorite, my hair feels hydrated, minimal shedding, easier to detangle and it has my hair smellin’ amazing too. Since I can’t physically be at a tropical paradise at least my hair smells like one.

New hair growth oils:

Also, I purchased some new skin care products that I can’t wait to share in a future skin & body care routine post. I have to give the products time to prove their worthiness first.


My favorite item in fashion recently has been large tote bags. I currently only have a clear plastic one with a Baltimore Ravens logo on it-forever reppin’ my hometown team! Totes are lightweight, convenient and feels comfortable on my shoulders.

For some reason I feel less likely to over pack when I’m carrying a tote. I’m definitely looking to collect more eco-friendly ones soon.

I just ordered a really cute tote bag from Simi also known as Barbara Muhumuza. She’s a very beautiful, inspiring young woman, a writer and digital creator.

In addition to the SEEN tote bag, I also ordered the matching SEEN crop tee. With each purchase you make on the site, that money will be donated towards black women, trans and queer people in the community.

Seen Tote Bag- $23. Photo provided by
Seen Crop Tee- $28. Photo provided by


I don’t really like eating sandwiches or subs too much cause I hate when the bread gets stuck to the top of my mouth but, last week listen..I had a shrimp cheesesteak from Corner Food Station in Parkville, MD that tasted so good it nearly made me go & slap my momma.

Just kidding, she would slap me back with a quickness LOL.

Sorry there’s no picture of the cheesesteak cause it was devoured within seconds.

I also got some really tasty crabs earlier in the month from Don’s Crabs in Towson, MD.

Who does seafood better than Maryland? I’ll wait.


As we all know, the coronavirus is still alive and kickin’ out there so boosting my immune system and keeping myself in good health has been a priority.

All vitamins can be found through Amazon or your local Walmart or Target store.
  • Women’s Daily Multi-Vitamins.
  • Melatonin Gummies for sleep (If my anti-depressant doesn’t kick in first).
  • Elderberry Plant Based Vegan Gummies for powerful immune support.
  • Vitamin B-12 for energy production and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Pre + ProBiotics for vaginal and urinary health.
  • Evening Primrose for skin health and to relieve pms symptoms (used prior to or during menstrual cycle).
  • St. John’s Wort for positive mood (I need all the serotonin I can get).
  • Ginkgo Biloba for brain function and circulation (great for when you have an important test to study for or when you just really need help focusing).
  • Ginseng Complex for energy and immune function (used interchangeably).
  • Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc with Vitamin D3 for bone health, nerve and muscle support.


I saved my favorite category for last. If you don’t take away much from this post at least take away the music recommendations. I love sharing new music and discovering new artist and sounds.

In fact, I share alot of music on my Instagram page. If you haven’t already, I would love for you to go follow me right now. I’ll be sure to follow back.

The following is a list of new albums that I been listening to nonstop in the month of June:

  • Insecure: Music From The HBO Original Series, Season 4 Soundtrack. Every song on this soundtrack is complete fire. Issa Rae has exquisite music taste and she picks out all the right artist and songs.
  • Gunna – Wunna. I’m not a huge fan of today’s rap music (mostly the mumble rap artists) but I am throughly impressed with this album. Gunna is one of few I can say I really like. The other time I’ve been impressed with a rap album was Roddy Ricch’s 2019 debut album.
  • Chloe x Halle – Ungodly Hour. These two beautiful sisters grew up right before our eyes on YouTube and they are now Beyonce’s prodigies and they are shining so bright. “Do it” is my summer anthem song.
  • Teyana Taylor – The Album. I feel Teyana Taylor had alot more creative freedom on this album, I could literally feel the passion. The opening song included real 911 audio of the homebirth of her daughter, Junie.
  • City Girls – City On Lock. You can’t tell me nothin’ when I hear a City Girls song. JT and Yung Miami have no intention on lettin’ up and I’m here for it.
  • Apple Music’s For Us By Us playlist – An unapologetic celebration of blackness playlist that Apple Music created in honor of Black Music Month.
  • Lucky Daye – ‘Painted’ Deluxe. As if this album wasn’t already great he gave us the deluxe edition with six new songs including a remix of his hit: “Roll Some Mo” featuring Chronixx and MediSun.

I even made a summer 2020 playlist if you have Apple Music, you can listen to it at the link below:

Favorite songs by new artists I’ve came across:

Till next time,

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