Swoon-Worthy Male Artists: RnB Edition

There’s nothing like a man with a soothing singing voice with range. In no particular order, here’s a list of songs by a few of my favorite modern day male r&b artists:

Have no fear, I have already complied all of these songs into an Apple Music playlist for your listening needs right HERE. So I won’t be mad if you just listened to the playlist instead of reading the rest of this post.

1. Giveon – Song: Like I Want You

“Sometimes I wish you knew, but I disguise the truth. I say I’m happy but I’m still stuck on us. Does your mind play this game too? Think bout me and you. I guess I’ll just pretend until it all makes sense.”


2. DVSN – Song: P.O.V

“Don’t like it when you stress but I like it when you take your stress out on me. And you know that I like those tiger stripes, come put those stretch marks, on me.”


3. Sebastian Mikael – Song: Time

“Comfortable in panties with no bra. She be getting mad when I take too long. But I gotta let you miss it. Give you a little push, be on the same side. You know I be performing, I don’t have stage fright.”

Sebastian Mikael

4. SiR – Song: You Can’t Save Me

“On a brighter day, under a different sky, maybe we’d fly. Good girl, I knew you were a good girl, that’s all I ever fall for, the kind i’d lose it all for. Yes I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the right one.”


5. Rum.Gold – Song: Save You

“You’re the air I couldn’t breathe, you’re the sky I wanna see, you’re the lock and I’m the key, and all I wanna do is save you. You’re the weight inside my lungs, you’re a melody unsung.”


6. Lucky Daye – Song: Concentrate

“It’s emotions in your ocean I could drown all day. When we wine and dine, it’s too much fun, pretend love me. Sweet bittersweet liquor intoxicate me. Don’t spill it, feel it, get it, kill it. Hold up let’s concentrate if we don’t wanna fall, babe.

Lucky Daye

7. Xavier Omar – Song: Deep End

“Who got the weekend planned out? Who holds you down? Who wants all of you? I do. Girl, you should know that you can depend on me. Girl, you can depend on me in the deep end, I won’t let us drown.”

Xavier Omar

8. Daniel Caesar – Song: Blessed

“Yes, I’m a mess, but I’m blessed to be stuck with you. Sometimes it gets unhealthy we can’t be by ourselves, we, will always need each other.”

Daniel Caesar

9. R.Lum.R – Song: What If I (Still Feel)

“If I’m made in his image, purposely envisioned, I should have some sense of omniscience or wisdom. Why do I still feel like I’m always complaining? Feels so fucking real but I’m convinced I’m faking.


10. J. Howell – Song: My Everything (Live)

“Can’t nobody break me like you baby. And ain’t nobody else got my heart, can’t nobody complete it like you baby. When you say you love me, is it just to hold onto me?”


11. Kwaku Asante – Song: Molasses

“Sweet as molasses, so excited to practice. Like aged grapes from a chalice, cause you’re sweet as molasses, tasting like magic. New synapses connecting, your treasure needs protecting.”

Kwaku Asante

12. Arin Ray – Song: Reckless

“I ain’t nothing to mess with, you know I get reckless. She don’t even mind one on one, she don’t even mind all the fun. I want to see but I might just wait. Give her all the time that she want.”

Arin Ray

13. Leven Kali – Song: Nunwrong

“I believe in love, I needed love. I believe in love, it makes you feel like nothing’s wrong. And I can see that you’re in need of some so I ain’t leavin till I make you feel like nothing’s wrong.”

Leven Kali

14. Kyle Dion – Song: Brown

“I can’t live without my brown, fills me up with just the right amount. Easy on the soul, my brown. Wrap me in between, I want it now. Everybody love that cocoa brown.”

Kyle Dion

15. Sampha – Song: Plastic 100 Degree Celcius

“It’s so hot I’ve been melting out here. I’m made out of plastic out here. You touched down in the base of my fears, and that’s where your beauty appears. It’s so hot I’ve been melting out here.”


16. Pink Sweat$ – Song: Honesty

“What if i dive deep? Will you come in after me? Would you share your flaws with me? let me know. I told her, thinking is all wrong, love will happen when it wants. I know it hurts sometimes, but don’t let it go.”

Pink Sweat$

17. Gallant – Song: Jupiter

“Many others tried to crack your heart. Weak defenses are the only things you’ve got. And I was blaming you- an ego so inflated and red infatuation so strong.”


18. Marco McKinnis – Song: Silence

“Silence could be the best conversation. Cause baby, I’ve been thinking about it so much lately. My lady, I’m on my knees can you, please, tell me where I need to be. Cause I’m lost, I’m lost without you.

Marco McKinnis

19. Choker – Song: Frame

“I’ll make up the sleepless nights in due time. Pray that I wake up to see that you’re still mine. It’s like, I can’t afford it, can’t afford it, no. Blank space, there’s no room to dress. Made some room for you, please don’t waste my space.”


20. Jordan Rakei– Song: Wildfire

“You know I’m not ready for you. Yet you ask me for forgiveness. You said you’ve got something to prove. So you target when I’m weakest. I hope it gets easier, I hope things get better.”

Jordan Rakei

21. Mac Ayres– Song: Get Away

“Because there ain’t no feeling like moving forward. I just can’t get you out of my head. If I’m shooting that thang, it’s all straightforward. No need for something being misread. I just wanna get away.”

Mac Ayres

22. BJ the Chicago Kid– Song: Close

“It’s emotional, uncontrollable, all I think about is you. And if the tears wanna flood your gates, Let the water flow. Just let it fall off of your face. ‘Cause I never thought that I would hear you say: I just can’t breathe without my baby.”

BJ the Chicago Kid

23. Masego– Song: Queen Tings

“Oh, Sharon Leal, she stay down the hall or I call Regina. Keep your bonnet on, it stay on for Lisa. She more Solange Knowles. She gon’ pull on me, pull like weed, entice me, she’s my queen.


24. Phonte – Song: Can We

“I can spend all day just thinking bout you, and all the things that you like yeah. Girl your smile could turn my grey sky blue. With you I come alive. Someone like you so hard to find.”


25. James Vickery– Song: Until Morning

“I’ll wash you down like a glass of wine, and I don’t need to think anything twice. You know I wished you were here all the time, living my fantasies out in real life.”

James Vickery

26. Raahiem– Song: Dive

“Are you tryna run away? But don’t hide from nothing. Be my sweet escape, be the one I’ve been searching for. Embrace me with your waterfalls, I wanna dive so deep inside of you.”


27. Miguel– Song: Adorn

These fists will always protect ya, and this mind will never neglect you. And if they try to break us down, don’t let that affect us. You just gotta let my love adorn you.


Wishing you a happy sunday and a great week ahead.

Till next time,

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