Body Care Routine & Feminine Hygiene

Because cleanliness is next to godliness.”

When I’m clean, well-moisturized and smellin’ good, I automatically feel good. It’s so therapeutic. Here’s how I like to stay “so fresh, so clean-clean”.

Body Washes & Soaps

I like to use an exfoliating African Net Bath Sponge, 49” from Nature By EJN for the “hard to reach” places.

Body Scrubs

  • DoveExfoliating Body Polish, Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk. A very yummy scent.
  • Tree HutShea Sugar Body Scrub, Tropical Mango. Ultra hydrating and exfoliating. I love to pair this with the Tropical Mango body butter. This has me smellin’ like a Caribbean island.
  • Dr. Teal’s – Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, Restore & Replenish. Pink Himalayan Salt is a multi-purpose ingredient good for preserving meats and fish as well as for therapeutic, general health and cosmetic benefits.

Bubble Baths & Soaks

You can find all of Dr. Teal’s Restore & Replenish collection here:
  • Dr. Teal’s – Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath Liquid, Restore & Replenish.
  • Dr. Teal’s – Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak, Restore & Replenish.


First of all, let me just say: I 100% prefer waxing over shaving. The only body parts I will shave is my legs and arms- that’s it. Also, sorry not sorry but, Nair’s hair removal creams are horrible and they stink. I suffered chemical burns in both my arm pits and never picked up a bottle of Nair since. If you still use Nair, just please be very careful.

The Benefits of Waxing:

  1. Long-lasting effect. When I shave, the hair is back the next day.
  2. It’s added exfolation by removing dead skin cells to improve smoothness.
  3. No razor bumps or cuts cause that’s like, ouch?!
  4. It’s hygenic. Yes, hair can be a barrier but it can also collect unwanted things like dirt and odor.
  5. Increased confidence. I have no worries when I’m wearing a bikini or lingere.

Ingrown Hair Treatment

Applied after shower to underarms, inner thighs and bikini area. All body products are from the European Wax Center where I go to get my waxes done.

  • European Wax Center – Smooth Me, Ingrown Hair Serum.
  • European Wax Center – Smooth Me, Ingrown Hair Wipes.
  • European Wax Center – Reveal Me, Body Exfoliating Gel.

Back Acne Treatment

I have been dealing with stubborn case of back acne for a couple months now due to changes in medication which effected my horomones so basically, all hell broke loose on my skin so these products are what I’m using to treat it.

  • Finacea Foam, 15%. RX Only. Supposed to be used with Spironolactone but I ran out.
  • Cerave SA Lotion for rough and bumpy skin with 3 essential ceramides, salicyclic acid and vitamin D. Applied after Finacea foam.
  • Differin Daily Deep Cleanser with benzoyl peroxide acne treatment used interchangeably between the Neutrogena body clear wash.
  • Differin Moisturizer with sunscreen broad spectrum SPF30, oil absorbing, won’t clog pores, absorbs excess oil, lightweight and non-greasy. Applied if I’m going out in the sun, otherwise I’ll use the Cerave SA Lotion.

I recently purchased an organic turmeric soap bar that I have yet to use. If the chemical products don’t work I’ll be resorting to au naturale home remedies.


When it comes to moisturizing, I go for body lotions in the warmer months and thicker body butters and creams in the colder months.

  • Fruit of the Earth100% Aloe Vera Gel. I apply dime sized amounts to my inner thighs to help with chafing. The friction of my thighs rubbing together can cause irritation. So, I never skip this product before applying my lotion.
  • Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion, Fragrance Free. Very lightweight and great for the summer.
  • Palmer’sDaily Skin Therapy Body Lotion, Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin-E, Fragrance Free. Smoothes marks and tones skin while supplying 24 hour moisture. The holy grail!
  • European Wax Center – Body Lotion, Nourish & Soothe. Has a very pleasant amber vanilla/light autumn-y smell.
  • Wildereed SoapsSea Salt & Orchid Body Butter with a shimmery finish. This business is owned by a former co-worker of mines who is also an RN. Help support her small business!

Hand creams & sanitizers: This is where I will allow more fragrance into my products.

Apply a Body Oil

After moisturizing, I seal in that moisture with an oil of my choice:

  • Pursonic – 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil. An alternative brand would be: Now Solutions- Sweet Almond Oil. I also have baby oil and organic coconut oil as secondary options but almond oil is my number one.

Apply Deodorant

I’m very particular when it comes to deodorants because my under arms are very very sensitive. I’m prone to irritation and boils. It’s the “Aluminum and paraben-free” only for me!

I no longer have the Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver and Saje deodarants but they are good as well.


I’m not too crazy about perfumes. I actually hate really over-powering scents. If I do wear perfume, I always get something fruity or unisex/natural scents.

  • Cultural Exchange – Lick Me All Over. Roll-on body oil. A very sweet and sensual scent, hence the name.
  • Rue 21 Etc.! Perfume Spray. It’s a Barbados grapefruit, juicy apple & raspberry cordial blend.

Toilet Spray

For That Time of The Month

I prefer to use all The Honey Pot products which includes their pantyliners, pads, tampons, and on-the-go feminine wipes. I highly recommend every woman to invest in organic feminine products. Here’s a list of the best organic feminine product brands.

  • EquateCleansing Wipes. I love these because they are flushable and they help me feel cleanier after number 1 and 2 rather than just using dry toilet paper.

Wish List & Things to Try

Things I want to add to my bodycare routine are: Necessarie products, yoni steaming, yoni oil, yoni eggs, and vagicals (facials for your vagina).

Hygiene Tips

  1. Cotton underwear is the way to go. Also, please hand-wash your new underwear before you wear them, especially ones that are colored. The color dyes can cause UTI’s.
  2. Don’t spray perfume all over your body, it can cause skin irritation like back or chest-acne from all the fragrance. Applying perfume to your pressure points is enough, trust me.
  3. Opt for organic and fragrance-free products that has vitamins and skin renewing properties in them.
  4. Don’t sit around in sweaty clothes like after a workout- bathe as soon as you can.
  5. Lay off the glitter- it gets everywhere!
  6. Opt for sample-sized or small roll-on perfume bottles, they are a lot cheaper and more convenient for on the go.
  7. Wearing super skin tight clothes all the time is a no no for many reasons. I love me some loose fitting, breathable materials like linen.
  8. Wash your legs and your feet in the shower. I came across a debate about whether or not this was necessary- yes it is!
  9. Change out your wash cloths, loofahs or whatever item you use to wash your body with often. They can collect bacteria.
  10. Free the nipples.

Now you can understand why women (me) take so long in the bathroom/shower. Beauty and cleanliness is a process that cannot be rushed.

Take care..

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