Cajun Boils & Hygiene Keys

My favorites for the month of August is here!! I’m also happy to announce that September is my..

BIRTH month and I couldn’t be anymore excited for Libra season. Since we really didn’t have much of a summer, I am welcoming autumn with open arms this year. Bring on the booties & crisp weather!

Let’s jump right in!

T.V. Shows

  1. HBO’s Lovecraft Country. The cinematography? bomb. This show really showcases how history is more horrible than fiction.
  2. CBS All Access- The Twilight Zone. I love Jordan Peele’s work so much. I was especially sad that “Candyman” & “Antebellum” movie release dates got postponed, but his reboot of ‘The Twilight Zone’ has been a great distraction. Season 1 Ep. 1 was my top favorite episode.
  3. Netflix- In The Dark. This show held my attention the entire time with action and drama. Interesting concept of a blind female main character. I don’t know if she’s blind in real life though.
  4. Netflix- Moesha. I never noticed how spoiled and a little annoying Moesha was till I sat down and watched this show from the beginning. I was 3 when this show first aired. I still love it nonetheless. I’m more annoyed with Moesha’s fathers behavior- he’s very sexist. He had the nerve to call Moesha a hooker for wearing a crop top but Miles gets caught smoking weed, doesn’t even get yelled at but Moesha was blamed for it at first, what the hell?. Then, he got the nerve to have a whole ‘nother child that he kept a secret and expected everybody to move on and forgive him?! Nah, bye sir.
  5. Netflix- Lucifer. This show has been sitting in my watch list for months. Finally decided to give it a chance after all the buzz on season 5 started. I’m currently on season 2.
  6. Girlfriends: The Complete Series, on DVD. ‘Sex in The City’ could never. #TeamGirlfriends all the way.
  7. Netflix- The Umbrella Academy– Season 2. This season has been slow for me which is why I haven’t been able to finish it yet. Maybe once I do, I’ll have a better opinion on it. Season 1 was great.


  1. Netflix- Project Power– starring Jamie Foxx and fairly new actress- Dominique Fishback. I’m here for the black sci-fi films.


I am now 5 more books away to reaching my ‘Read 10 books per year’ goal. I’m currently reading Assata Shakur’s autobiography, and it’s absolutely revolutionary. I cannot put it down.


I seem to go a little overboard with my monthly music recommendations so I will be narrowing it down to UNDER 10 albums and a single or 2, only. You can follow me on my Instagram right HERE for more of what I’m listening to.

  1. Burna Boy – Twice As Tall.
  2. Liv.e – Couldn’t Wait To Tell You.
  3. Amine’ – Limbo.
  4. Tiwa Savage – Celia.
  5. DUCKWRTH – SuperGood.
  6. Tiana Major9 – At Sixes and Sevens.
  7. Victoria Monet – Jaguar.

A single I would recommend: What the World Needs Now by: Tank & The Bangas. The world could certainly use some love right now.

Podcast Episodes to Listen To

  1. Angela Yee’s Lip Service- Episode 265 “Unblock Me Please” ft. City Girls. A raunchy good laugh. I love how spicy this podcast is. So raw & authentic.
  2. The Introvert’s Guide To- Episode 43 “Social Media, FOMO, and Guilt”. Have you ever went to type a Twitter status and ended up deleting it because you didn’t want to bother people? or went to post a selfie but ended up hating the picture and not posting it?. This explains exactly how self-conscious introverts feel when posting on social media.
  3. Therapy for Black Girls- Episode 167 “Women, Agency, & Pleasure”. The importance of agency in sexual liberation + “respectability” politics.
  4. Optimal Finance Daily- Episode 1247 “Emotional Spending: Don’t Find a Permanent Solution for a Temporary Problem”. This episode really called me out but I wish I would’ve heard it sooner.
  5. Self Care IRL- Episode 20 “How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Every Damn Thing”. Learn to forgive yourself!


In my last blog post, I mentioned that I am pledging to go the sustainable fashion route. I’m trying to slow down on and eventually cut out fast fashion. This transition is going to be way harder than expected but I will try to stick with it and keep my blog updated on my progress.

New items in fashion for August:

  1. PrettyLittleThing – Mini Bag, in color: Brown.
  2. PrettyLittleThing – Split Hem Jeans, in color: Mid Blue Wash. I love a pair of jeans that just fits soo right, these are it. Paired best with heels.
  3. Fashion Nova – Crochet Set, in color: Beige. Sold out.
  4. PrettyLittleThing – Quilted Mule Heel, in color: Chocolate.

Also, I been really into the look of bucket hats so my dad let me a have a few of his ‘hand-me-downs’, which I gladly accepted. I hope to begin collecting my own in various colors.


Nothing new in beauty for the month of August. I usually splurge a lot in this category but nope, nada mas.


Everybody knows how I feel about my seafood. So you can imagine how I reacted when I got the chance to treat myself to one of my favorite restaurants: ‘Hook and Reel Cajun Seafood & Bar’.

I got the ‘Cajun boil’ in a bag which included: black mussels, shrimp, crawfish, corn on the cob, and potatoes dripped in mild original Cajun sauce with white rice and Cajun fries on the side. Wheww lordt!


No new tech gadgets this month. I’m slowing down on my spending..

Not sure if this is tech-related but I did receive a free Safe Touch Hygiene Key. It prevents you from touching public surfaces like the keypad on the ATM machines. Cool beans.


Nothing new for the health category this month. I’ve still been keeping up with my daily vitamins. I’m blessed to be in good health. Unfortunately, I lost a family member about two weeks ago in which I believe the coronavirus was one of the contributing factors to her passing. Please keep my family in your prayers. I wish everyone the best during these uncertain times.

& rest peacefully in heaven, Chadwick Boseman. #WakandaForever !

Till next time,

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