Things I Love About Autumn & Why

It’s officially the first day of Autumn, my second favorite season of the year following Summer time. Here’s a fun short list of things I love about the season. Maybe you will spot your favorite thing(s) too.

  • The Changing Colors of The Leaves.
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From vibrant orange, to greens, browns, and yellows, they are all so beautiful. Do you remember the joy of jumping into piles of leaves as a kid?. Ahh, the good ole days.

  • The Fall Fashions.

I love a good bootie paired with jeans and a long trench coat or a long knit midi dress. In the fall, you have the ability to layer different pieces, wear warm cozy sweaters, stylish hats, leather jackets. I could go on and on. I’ve been updating my Pinterest fashion boards and pulling a lot of inspiration from Monroe Steele. Check out one of her latest videos on 5 Ways to Style Slip Dresses for Fall. Like, is this not a look?!

Monroe Steele on Instagram
  • You Get an Excuse to Change up Your Hairstyle or Color.

As a woman, we change our hair a lot. The colder and warmer months are a great time to protective style our natural hair from the environment and the climate change with braids, twists, weaves, wigs, etc. Fall is also a good time for a new hair color like brown, highlights, ombre, copper, or even burgundy.

  • Halloween.
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I get so excited about Halloween. Any opportunity to play dress up and to be someone else for a night, I’m down. I get to hone in on my acting skills too. Some of my past Halloween costumes include: a witch, a cheerleader, a nurse, a ninja, and a pirate. Honestly, Halloween gets more fun as an adult. Pre-pandemic you could go bar hopping and eat candy from strangers, not sure what this year will look like though. Washington D.C is and has always been the hot spot on this holiday.

  • Horror Movie Marathons.
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In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song..this is halloween, halloween!” – ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ chorus.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas” is my favorite cartoon movie to watch on Halloween. It’s a tradition at this point. In October, you are guaranteed to find something good to watch whether on cable, regular TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc. We are usually blessed with a new season of ‘American Horror Story’ around this time too.

  • You Can Enjoy Hiking / Outdoor Activities More.
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Unlike the summer, you’re not drenched in sweat, or on the verge of passing out in 100 degree weather. All you need to do is layer up and you should be fine. I really want to go hiking more, there are so many local trails I never even knew about. You also have haunted house attractions, fright fest at amusement parks, pumpkin patches, and apple picking, yum.

  • Fall Drinks

Some people love those pumpkin spice lattes, but I’m not a huge fan. It’s way overrated. Hot cocoa with whipped cream is my go-to. I also like caramel and mocha lattes, teas, and coffee.

  • Football Season.
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A perfect time for bonding with friends and family at tailgates or at Sunday get-togethers to watch the game. Everybody is just having a good time, eating food, drinking, and enjoying the competition between opposing teams.

Go Ravens!

What are your favorite things about autumn? what’s your favorite football team?, and are you planning to get a Halloween costume this year? I would love to know.

Till next time,

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