Top 20 Best Classic Horror Movies of All Time

Happy Halloween! If you're a horror movie fanatic like me today is probably one of your favorite holidays. Here's a fun list of movies that are sure to give the 'thrills and chills' that we all love. With any good horror movie you have to have the evil killer kids, the haunted houses, demon possessions, … Continue reading Top 20 Best Classic Horror Movies of All Time

Pleasure is My Birth Right

Unpacking gender, religion woes, respectability politics, sexual liberation, & identity. Gender: Girl. Young girls are always held to a higher standard of purity and innocence. Boys on the other hand, are encouraged to be free and taught to explore their desires. I always wondered, why is that?. The minute girls are born into the world … Continue reading Pleasure is My Birth Right

How I Spent My Birthday

It’s still Libra Season right?. This post is specifically for my blog family or anyone who just wants more detailed information on what I did. If you follow me on my social medias then you probably already know. Hope you enjoy! My birthday- September 29th, 1993. I turned 27. Birthday Weekend I started my birthday … Continue reading How I Spent My Birthday