Spooky Season is Upon Us

September has been a busy month..

Let’s catch up!

TV Shows.

  1. Netflix- Ratched, Season 1. Bomb.com! Highly recommend. I love me some Sarah Paulson (best known for her roles in American Horror Story). This is a wild and entertaining thriller from beginning to end. Also, the actress Sophie Okonedo that played Charlotte Wells did an excellent performance. She needs an Oscar, an Emmy or something. 5 freakin’ stars.
  2. Netflix- Marianne, Season 1. I literally just started this last night so I don’t have an opinion just yet but this is a French horror TV series that came out in 2019. This show focuses on a writer plagued by nightmares and haunted by an evil spirit from her childhood.
  3. Netflix- Sister, Sister, Season 2. A throwback show that I’ve never seen from the beginning. Starring twin sisters- Tia and Tamera. I currently just started on season 2.
  4. Netflix- Greenleaf, Season 5. I finally got a chance to catch up on the fifth and final season of Greenleaf. I binged it in one day. Such a great show that focuses on a family full of scandals, secrets, and lies.

I’m still watching Girlfriend’s & Lovecraft Country. I plan to catch up on P. Valley and Power Book II, but I’m waiting till both seasons finish so I can binge them together. I wonder when season 2 of The Haunting of Hill House will be released. And, how about that hot mess of a presidential debate?.

America, we are doomed.


First of all, let’s talk about that “Cuties” movie on Netflix. I’m not sure if it’s been removed yet but the over-sexualization of young children, most specifically- young girls was a horrible idea. I did not like this movie at all which takes a lot for me to say. I’m really afraid for today’s youth, especially if that movie was supposed to be a representation of how 11 year olds act nowadays. Everybody involved in this movie needs to be arrested.


  1. Netflix- #Alive. An awesome zombie movie. I love how Korean movies be having the best cinematography, costume & makeup in their films. The zombies actually look scary. Also, why do their zombies run so damn fast?.
  2. Netflix- The Devil All The Time. Nice new action film. A young man goes to great lengths to protect the ones he loves.
  3. Netflix- I’m Thinking of Ending Things. A very peculiar movie. Focuses on a woman accompanying her boyfriend on a road trip to meet his family. It’s like it doesn’t make any sense at all but yet it does in a very weird way, it’s almost comical. The ending left me hanging a bit though.
  4. HBO- The Invisible Man. Very good movie. The main character is terrorized by her invisible ex husband. I believe this came out in February 2020, and I wanted to see it every since I first saw the previews, and I finally got a chance to see it essentially for free. What I love about having an HBO Max subscription is that they show movies that were recently just in theaters. Other platforms make you wait months to years before they show them for free.
  5. YouTubeAntebellum is now out on-demand. You can rent it for $22 on YouTube, which is what I did. I had high hopes for this movie but I was really let down. It just didn’t do it for me, it’s like there was no substance and a lot of unanswered questions.
  6. YouTube- Madea’s Farewell Play. Tyler Perry retires his role as Madea once and for all. It’s been real. Unfortunately, YouTube already took down the video because of copyright. I was able to catch it before they did though, hehe.
  7. Netflix- A Love Song for Latasha. A short documentary film. Yet another black woman failed by the system back in the 90’s, such a very sad story.
  8. Netflix- Welcome to Sudden Death. Michael Jai White stars in this new action film kickin’ ass, per usual.


I didn’t buy any new books for September because I’m still reading the several other books from my book haul a while ago. I just began reading: “Being in Love: How to Love with Awareness & Relate Without Fear” by: OSHO. I plan to collect more psychological thrillers and detective/murder mystery novels. If you have any suggestions in these genres, let me know.


It’s been a good month for music. The new iPhone iOS 14 update now allows an auto play option for the Apple Music app, which is great for discovering new songs and artist. That was the only reason why I was still holding onto Spotify. Here are the top 10 songs and albums that’s been on rotation for the month of September:

Top 10 Favorite Albums of The Month

  1. Floor Seats II by: A$AP Ferg. Hip-Hop/Rap. Bumpin’ from start to end. A$AP Ferg always gets me hyped. It’s the deep/raspy voice & Trinidadian accent, for me.
  2. In Search of Lost Time by: Protégé. Reggae. Very mellow and chill album. One of those albums that make you feel good.
  3. ALICIA by: Alicia Keys. R&B/Soul. Alicia Keys is such a versatile and genre fluid artist, there’s something that everyone will love on this album.
  4. T r a p s o u l (Deluxe Edition) by: Bryson Tiller. R&B/Soul. It was refreshing hearing this album again since it’s original release in 2015. I love it all over again.
  5. Detroit 2 by: Big Sean. Hip-Hop/Rap. Big Sean bared it all on this album. He’s back new and improved.
  6. Nectar by: Joji. Electronic. I never heard of Joji before listening to this album but, I’m impressed. A mix of alternative-R&B, “trip hop”, and slow winding electronic music.
  7. Da Rocinha 4 By: Sango. Electronic. Vibrant, Brazilian music. Definitely something different if you’re looking for something new to listen to. Expand your music palette!
  8. I AM By: Koryn Hawthrone. Christian/Gospel. One of my favorite “new school” gospel singers. Her voice is so powerful, this album is a true spiritual booster.
  9. The Pandemic Project By: Tobi Nwigwe. R&B/Soul. A short album but it’s so great, strong messages, emotional, passionate. “Try Jesus” made me laugh.
  10. Code Red By: Moneybagg Yo & Blac Youngsta. Hip-Hop/Rap. A joint rap album. “Said Sum” is probably one of my favorite rap songs of the year.

Honorable Mention: Wolf Pussy (mix tape) by: Sukihana. Hip-Hop/Rap. Sukihana is a raunchy, wild, and outspoken rapper from Miami. She’s loud and ghetto fabulous, and I’m here for it. Think ‘City Girls mixed with ‘Lil Kim, ‘Trina and ‘Uncle Luke. Certainly not kid friendly music.

Top 10 Favorite Singles of The Month

  1. Hit Different By: SZA ft. Ty Dolla $ign. R&B/Soul. SZA is back!. I instantly fell in love with this song, so intoxicating and catchy.
  2. All of Your Love (remix) By: Luke James ft. Kirby. R&B/Soul. Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve listened to this one. Their voices are like honey together.
  3. Take Care of You By: Charlotte Day Wilson ft. Syd. R&B/Soul. I’m a romantic so of course this song speaks to my heart plus I have a girl crush on Syd..
  4. City Girl By: Ari Pensmith & Jonah Christian. R&B/Soul. It’s a viiibe.
  5. Stuck. By: Durand Bernarr ft. Ari Lennox. R&B/Soul. I love when these two make a song together, it’s like sex to my ears. Durand Bernarr’s low/deep voice register, whew.
  6. Feel It By: Georgia ft. Yung Baby Tate. Pop. A nice sweet dance bop. Yung Baby Tate’s voice is so underrated and beautiful.
  7. King of the Fall By: The Weeknd. R&B/Soul. It’s giving the toxic bad boy 2011/2012 version of The Weeknd that we all loved.
  8. Inhale By: Bryson Tiller. R&B/Soul. The mash up of the throwback samples is so sexy.
  9. Leave Me Alone By: Amaarae. Afro-Pop. “I want you to just leave me alone” this is a whole mood for many reasons.
  10. Hu Man By: Greentea Peng. R&B/Soul. “Searching for balance, praying for clarity”, I felt that. Also, check out her single: “Downers”. She’s so trippy.

Honorable Mention: Holy By: Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper. Pop. Although I’m not a big Justin Bieber fan, this is actually a really good song.

A new artist I just discovered this month is: Flying Lotus. Check out his song called: Do the Astral Plane. It’s a fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music.

I also put together a little birthday playlist for myself or anyone who has an upcoming birthday. I tried to find every song I could think of that’s related to birthdays and ones that make me want to party. You can check it out HERE on Apple Music.

Podcast Episodes To Listen To

Did you know, September 30th, 2020 was International Podcast Day?. Here are the podcast episodes that resonated with me in September:

  1. Therapy for Black GirlsPlant Parenthood is More Than A Trend. Ep. 172. If you have been considering or hesitant to be a plant parent you should check this out. I love healing through nature.
  2. Yes GirlJanelle Monae Talks Rest As Resistance For Black Women. Ep. 182. As a black woman, I’ve found myself pretty overwhelmed these days especially since hearing about the Breonna Taylor case and how the system continues to fail black women. We really do deserve some rest honestly.
  3. Journey to LaunchLearning Swing Trading as a Side Hustle to Pay Off Debt, Save & Reach Your Money Goals. Ep. 173. I personally can’t wait to live that debt free lifestyle and this podcast always encourages me to do so.
  4. Angela Yee’s Lip ServiceThe Chronicles of Lockjaw ft. Mulatto. Ep. 270. Mulatto discusses a range of topics from her rap career to sex.
  5. Small Doses with Amanda SealesSide Effects of Self-Care. Five ways to fight the funk.


No new fashion pieces this month. I’ve still been procrastinating on starting my fall/winter shopping. The truth is, I’m still in denial that summer is over already plus, I just hate going into the malls/shopping stores. The process of actually having to shop gives me anxiety. But, I literally have no good warm clothes or many shoes right now so I have no choice.

Also, I did a huge closet declutter and clean out. There were so many things I’m letting go of and donating to make room for new things. I really want to get a free standing clothing rack to hang up my clothes instead of stuffing everything into my dresser drawers.

I was able to hook up a shoe rack last week, so now I have a place for my shoes instead of all over the floor.

My shoe collection looks pitiful right now but just wait on it!


The lip liner, with a nude color, and gloss combo? *chefs kiss*. I bought a bunch of nude lip colors in pink and nude shades mostly from NYX cosmetics. You can never go wrong with a clear gloss on top. I also got my makeup professionally done for the first time ever in my 26 years of life for my birthday weekend. Stay tuned- I may make a detailed birthday recap post after this one.


I didn’t try any new foods this month. I’m still being conscious about my spending habits and trying only to spend when necessary and cook at home more often. But, I finally had one of my favorite kinds of sushi that I’ve been craving foreverrr; Shrimp Tempura. I got the sushi from ‘Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar’ along with some other food items, but unfortunately the other foods I got was not good at all. So, I wouldn’t recommend this place.


No new tech gadgets this month other than the new iPhone iOS 14 update which everyone has. So far, I really like the new features and widget displays.


The only thing new in the health area is that I got my annual flu shot, which I get every year, and it’s been great with helping me to avoid getting bad illnesses during the wintertime. I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve been super sick *knocks on wood*.

Other Buys / Splurges

Earlier in the month, I treated myself to some new tattoos during one of my solo-dating adventures. I went to ‘Have Fun Be Lucky’ tattoo shop in the Remington area of Baltimore, Maryland. I’m no stranger to the tattoo gun.

I’m definitely the type of person who likes to get several tattoos in one day. I’ve been thinking long and hard about each design, so it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment type of thing. It’s been years since I had new ink, I was long overdue.

Check out the new tattoos below:

This a “self-portrait” of my dad that he drew himself. He would always put this stickman on all of my birthday cards. It’s our little insider.
A circle, which represents being whole and complete with myself.
The number 6, my favorite number and life path number.
“Love you more always” in my moms cursive handwriting. I always thought she wrote so neat and beautifully.

Lastly, I became a plant mom again after my failed attempt last summer. I went to ‘B.Willow’ floral shop in Baltimore, Maryland. I really want to get some bigger plants but I need to concentrate on not killing the small ones first.

Gotta crawl before you can walk, right?.

I made sure the ones that I got were as low maintenance as possible and required minimal watering.

Gollum Jade (money) plant for good luck & abundance.

Coffea Arabica plant. The first and most popular plant used to cultivate coffee!

Follow me on Instagram to keep up with me and my plant parenthood journey.

Till next time,

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