How I Spent My Birthday

It’s still Libra Season right?. This post is specifically for my blog family or anyone who just wants more detailed information on what I did. If you follow me on my social medias then you probably already know.

Hope you enjoy!

My birthday- September 29th, 1993. I turned 27.

Birthday Weekend

I started my birthday celebrations with a few friends at Top Golf- Germantown, MD. Is it just me or do anyone else get really excited about their birthday but as their actual birthday gets closer, you get more and more depressed or sad?. It’s like I start thinking about all the things I didn’t accomplish, all my failures, the fact that I’m getting closer to my 30’s, and not being where I want to be yet in my career and personal life. Yes, I know it’s a terrible way of thinking but it happens.

I also had never hosted a birthday event before so it was nerve-wracking asking people to come. Even though they’re my friends, I didn’t want to be bothersome. The introvert side of me wanted to cancel but I knew I would regret it if I did. Luckily, I went through with it. I had so much fun, and everyone got along. I swear I laughed and smiled all night.

I got some pretty sweet gifts too:

Chocolates and wine.
Red Roses.
Gift Card cause ya know I likes to shop.

And a handwritten sentimental birthday card (not pictured).

I truly didn’t realize how much I missed human interaction and connection. This pandemic had me feeling very isolated.

Okay back to the review..

Saturday nights at Top Golf are the most expensive nights. It’s about $50 per hour to rent a golf bay. We stayed for two hours so it was $100. But, divided by 5-6 people it’s a lot cheaper. If you’re thinking about going, I would highly suggest making reservations a week beforehand to avoid long lines.

The food and drinks were- meh. I didn’t like my burger too much but the wings some of my friends ordered looked pretty good. Drinks tasted watered down in my opinion but we made up for it with having our own (on the sneak tip).

Also, at this particular location they stop serving alcohol at 9:30pm-THE AUDACITY, THE OUTRAGE!!. So, for that reason I won’t be back to this specific location. I would try the National Harbor, MD location next since it’s close to the MGM casino, and I KNOW they serve alcohol all night out there.

Playing golf was actually a lot harder than it seemed. My swing wasn’t the best but I still managed to come in second place on the score board. The competition was all in good fun. In conclusion, my birthday weekend was a success.

Friends singing Happy Birthday to me.

The Big Day

I wanted a basic strawberry and vanilla cake.

I woke up bright and early at 5:00am, ate breakfast, got dressed and headed out to my make up appointment with Luxty Beauty. I also got my make up done on the night that I went to Top Golf by my one of my very best gal pals and make up artist: Shannon at 10 Twenty Three .

Both are very professional and polite so of course I will highly recommend if you’re in the DMV/Baltimore area.

My makeup for Top Golf night.
My makeup for my birthday- “money green” was the theme. Excuse my big koolaid smile, I was happy.

After getting my makeup done:

I took pictures, had about two more outfit changes, fixed my hair, then it was off to my private wine tasting reservation at Linganore Winecellars in Mount Airy, MD. I selected the ‘sweet tasting’ option for three people, and a charcuterie board with various cheeses and meats. I went with two close family members.

The staff was nice and very accommodating. There wasn’t any other wine tastings going on at the time. So, we essentially had the place to ourselves. The cost of the private wine tasting was about $40-$60 total.

The tasting started with a quick tour of the winecellar:

We were able to see the huge tanks and barrels that stores and curates the wines. We tasted 8 different wines in total; some white and some red, some on the dry side, and some on the sweeter side.

We scored our favorites:

we laughed, chatted, and after a while- we started to feel a mild buzz. The event lasted about 1.5 hours. At the end, we ended up buying 7 bottles (in total) of our favorite wines to take home with us.

Lastly, we went out for lunch/dinner at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. I got shrimp tempura sushi rolls with fried rice, noodles, mushroom soup, garden salad, and hibachi chicken. Unfortunately, the only thing good was the sushi rolls and rice.

My favorite sushi rolls: Shrimp Tempura.

I ended the night with family, opened more gifts/cards, responded to a ton of birthday wishes, ate cake and ice cream, and a had a movie night where we watched Antebellum on demand. I was knocked out right after the movie, I was so blissfully exhausted.

This birthday proved that I am very loved and I will never doubt that again. I have such a strong circle of friends and close family that supports me no matter what. I felt so special and appreciated. It’s not about receiving materialistic things and it never will be. It’s the loyalty, for me.

My Birthday Dress was fitting like a glove!
Black Girl Joy.

Chapter 27, let’s do this thang!

Till next time,

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