Where The Money Reside

January has taught me the importance of rest and stillness. Even while recovering from COVID, I still found myself struggling to sit the hell down somewhere. I’ve really been slackin’ on the self-care tip. Rest/stillness + self-care = self-preservation, which is why I plan to spoil myself real soon. And a little extra on ‘Single Awareness Day’ (aka Valentine’s Day).

Here are my monthly (entertainment) favorites for January:

T.V. Shows

  1. The Originals. This isn’t a brand new show, it’s actually a spin off of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. It was suggested to me by a friend and now I’m obsessed with it. I love vampires, witches, and werewolves so I’m not sure why I never watched it sooner.
  2. Lupin. Lupin is about one slick and clever heist man. Lots of action, play close attention.
  3. L.A.’s Finest. This isn’t a brand new show but I didn’t hear about it till this month. It’s a spin off of the ‘Bad Boys’ movies following the life/career of Marcus’s sister- Sidney played by Gabrielle Union. The show was canceled after two seasons but I thought it was a pretty cool action show. The “daddy issues” drama got a little tired.
  4. Two Sentence Horror Stories- Season 2 (currently airing). Episode 205- ‘Quota” is my favorite so far on the 2nd season. It shines a light on the repercussions of literally killing yourself over a job. That’s a real horror story.
  5. All American- Season 3 (currently airing). I really like this show, I find it so cute. To sum it up, it’s about high-school life and football with a splash of drama. I’m sure a lot of guys who played football in high-school can relate to some of the issues the main character faces.
  6. Bling Empire. All I can think about is how these people are RICH, rich. If you like messy reality show drama, go for it.
  7. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer. Sick and diabolical would perfectly explain this docu-series about Richard Ramirez. My eyes were glued to the T.V. the entire time.


  1. Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, and Conspiracy (Docu-Film). This Netflix documentary solidified all the conspiracies I had about the “crack pandemic”. The government is definitely 100% responsible and it made me mad how black people paid for it the most. Hearing stories from the drug dealers and the drug users in this doc were very touching.

I must say, the line up of new movies due to release in 2021 looks pretty impressive. Check out Movie Web’s- 2021 Movie Releases.

I’m especially excited for: Candyman, Coming 2 America, Army of the Dead, The Conjuring III, The Suicide Squad, A Quiet Place 2, Respect (Aretha Franklin’s story), Halloween Kills, and The Matrix 4.

New Book

  1. Long Live The Cartel’ by: Ashley & JaQuavis. This is book #10 of the Cartel Series. I got this book as a gift for my mom but I can’t wait to dive in myself.

About this book: “In the world of the Cartel, there are many pitfalls and family curses. In the city of Miami, the good die young and the bad live forever. The first family of Miami, The Diamonds, are back and more ruthless than ever. When the family has to deal with the sins of the father, karma comes back and rests on the shoulders of Carter “CJ” Jones II . The life his father never wanted for him, calls him and the allure of family tradition sucks him in so deep, that he falls victim to the game. This story shows the second coming of a king and solidifies the cartel family tree in the roots of the streets forever” – Ashley JaQuavis.

Podcast Episodes

  1. Side Hustle Pro– Episodes 231-234 gives great guidance for getting your side hustle started. Take lots of notes! Cause I sure did.

311: How I’m Managing Life, Motherhood and Business Side Hustle Pro

This week I am back with a solo episode where I am sharing:  How moving back to NY has been life changing & what I’ve learned from my entry into motherhood  How I am focusing on my mindset and systems this quarter What I am hiring for in my life & the book that inspired […] The post 311: How I’m Managing Life, Motherhood and Business appeared first on Side Hustle Pro.
  1. 311: How I’m Managing Life, Motherhood and Business
  2. 310-How Erica McAfee Grew The Sisters In Loss Podcast With Lessons Learned in Podcast Moguls
  3. 309: How Ashley Reynolds Created The Most Sought After Stationery Brand, Cloth & Paper
  4. 308: Play Pits Founder Chantel Powell Talks Growing Her Company From Her Kitchen To Target Shelves
  5. 307: How Felicia Jackson Created The CPR Wrap—A Pocket-Sized Guide for CPR

2. Therapy for Black Girls: Session. 189- ‘Learning About Self Through Astrology’. Based on the title, this episode is pretty self-explanatory, give it a listen if you’re curious about astrology.

New Music

Call me superstitious but somehow three of my favorite albums this month includes the word: “MUSE” in them.. hmm, I wonder what that’s about.

My favorite album of the month was hands down: Jazmine Sullivan’s- ‘Heaux Tales’. Her first album in 5 years, well worth the wait.

  • Top Album Picks:
  1. Jazmine Sullivan: Heaux Tales (Album). I loved the interludes of personal stories by black women throughout this album, I could relate a lot, and I think that’s the importance of making good music.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

2. Mac Ayres: Magic 8Ball (Album). Mac Ayres is such a vibe to me, I love the music he makes. It’s soulful and groovy. ‘Everytime’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ are my favorite songs on his new album.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

3. DVSN: Amusing Her Feelings (Deluxe Edition). I really love DVSN but I’m not sure what kind of sound he’s been going for with this current album. The deluxe edition featured 4 new songs. The song “Blessings” is like R&B but gospel-y. Not sure how I feel about that.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4. Alycia Bella: Muse (Album). This is Alyica Bella’s long-awaited debut album and it’s so sweet and healing. This is that cruising around the city on a warm summer night, sitting by the water with your friends, ‘missing your lover’ type music.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5. Celeste: Not Your Muse (Album). What a big strong voice! Celeste is the winner of the prestigious BRITs rising star award. Her sound favors the like of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. It’s pop, soul, and jazzy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

6. Grimes: Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition). Rave music isn’t my everyday type of tea but I gave it a chance anyway because I enjoyed the regular version of this album. I still can’t believe she’s married to Elon Musk. Did anyone figure out how to pronounce their son’s name yet?

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Top Singles that got Multiple Replays:
  1. Kali- “Do a Bitch”. Definitely a “feelin’ myself” anthem. Reminds me of another fellow female rapper- Flo Milli.
  2. BRS Kash ft. DaBaby, City Girls- ‘Throat Baby” (Remix). Honestly, when I first heard this song, I was a little “appalled” but yet couldn’t stop listening.
  3. Tink- “Mindblown”. Have you ever gotten your mind blown? That’s a real turn on!
  4. Channel Tres ft. Tyler The Creator- “Feugo”. What song featuring Tyler The Creator isn’t good?! I’ll wait.
  5. Spotemgotem ft, Pooh Sheisty- “Beat Box 2”. Made popular by the #JuneBugChallenge, which I love watching.
  6. Nao ft. Adekunle Gold- “Antidote”. I need another album from Nao like, now! She has such an angelic voice.

Life Updates

As if it’s not already freezing cold, there’s a snowstorm heading towards Maryland today and extending throughout the next two days. All I can think about is how many days are left till spring and summer arrives. I’m craving some warm weather and sun. I would be happy with just going to Miami for a weekend cause yes, I’m that desperate.

Also, I made a very drastic hair change this week that I’ve been thinking about doing for years now. I got a tapered natural haircut. You know what they say about a woman who cuts her hair? She’s about to change her life! I didn’t cut it all off but I got rid of a lot of damaged hair and I feel so free and happy knowing this will give my hair a chance to grow back healthy. The only downside to my new haircut is the fact that we’re in the middle of winter, and now my head is freezing. I need all the head wraps and protective styling ideas I can find right now.

Stay safe and have a great month, xoxo! I wish an abundance of good fortune on everyone.

“Where The Money Reside”- Durell Smylie

The motto for 2021


  hours  minutes  seconds


Spring Equinox

Love always,

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