Date Night Ideas for Any Budget

Is chivalry and romance really dead in this day and age?

It’s definitely not dead over here. In fact, I can’t imagine dating someone who’s not romantic and thoughtful. Here are some fun date night ideas I researched and put together for myself, and also for you.

Mentally stimulate each other.

What better way to get to know someone than by asking them questions. Instead of the traditional ’21 Questions’, make it more interactive and insightful by using cards/having a one on one game night. Some great conversation starting card games include: ‘We’re Not Really Strangers‘ card game packs, ‘Mentally Stimulate Me‘ card game by Derrick Jaxn, and ‘Actually Curious‘ card game bundles.

These type of games will bring out your level empathy (or lack there of), plenty of laughs, maybe even some tears, but you will gain a better understanding of one another. It’s a sneaky and effective way of easing the awkwardness and shyness and getting into important topics. By the end of the game, you should be able to answer the questions of: Are we really in alignment with one another? and is there a mental connection here?

A randomly pulled card from the ‘Mentally Stimulate Me’ card game deck.

Not your basic dinner & a movie.

I actually don’t mind a simple dinner and a movie but, just going to the movies is not a good ‘first date’ idea because there’s literally no talking or interaction involved, duh. Some fun alternatives include: Go bar-hopping but please eat first, ice cream or “fro-yo” (frozen yogurt) date, dessert date, coffee date, go to a cooking class or cook a meal together, meet up for brunch and mimosas or Bellini’s or bloody Mary’s- whatever floats the boat. You can go on a dinner cruise, visit CineBistro (movie and dinner in one), attend a comedy show with food of course (can’t take a joke? I would not recommend), a murder mystery dinner, a wine or beer tasting tour, go to a drive-in movie with lots of cozy blankets, or make a DIY in-home or backyard movie theater with a projector and your favorite movie snacks.

Connect through art + creativity.

I love art in every sense. Art has a way of bringing people closer more intimately. Some ideas include: Have a karaoke night at home or at a bar and sing horribly, attend a dance class (Salsa lessons would be very sexy), visit a jazz club, a music festival, a candle-making workshop, a museum, an art gallery or art show, a sip and paint event, pick out vinyl’s at a record shop, go shopping for books to read together (or separately), or go on a tattoo date together (please don’t do something stupid like getting matching tattoos).

Competitiveness can be sexy.

The only two rules I have are: don’t be a sore loser or an obnoxious winner. Ideas include: playing every game at the arcade, attend a sporting event (a plus if you are fans of opposing teams but that can be a little dangerous so never mind haha), go laser tagging, mini-golfing, axe-throwing, bowling, rock-climbing (whoever gets to the top first-wins), go-kart racing, visit an escape room, rage room, or a shooting range and see who can hit the target the closest.

Use your hands & get physical 😏.

This is not ‘first date’ friendly. These are hands-on ideas that require little to no clothing and can get pretty hot and steamy. This is more relationship/married date ideas. Ideas include: invest in a pottery set (yes, I know but hear me out). Remember the scene from the movie “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze? Exactly.

Image provider by: Sunshine Guerrilla

Book a couples massage or a full spa day with various treatments. Men, there’s nothing wrong with getting manicures and pedicures. Feet be crusty as hell, that’s not attractive. If you don’t want other people touching your boo, you can just massage each other with warm sweet smellin’ oils, and I’m not talking about one of those quick massages that turn into “a booty rub”. Take. Your. Damn. Time. You can also do hot yoga, try the couples yoga challenge (go to YouTube for reference), work out together, take sexy polaroid and/or photo booth pictures, play naked Twister, strip poker or monopoly (basically any game but add stripping).

Can we normalize nap dates too?

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Picnics are a great idea to enjoy nature and people-watch, either at a park, the beach, or in the living room (COVID style). Nature creates space, connection, and opportunity. Visit the aquarium, the zoo, a botanical garden, an amusement park, the state fair or a carnival, have a bon fire with smore’s, take a late night scenic drive with loud or soft music, sit on a roof top and watch the stars, go hiking/biking, skating, sky diving, participate in water sports- kayaking, tubing, swimming, etc. I would highly recommend going zip-lining at Go Ape Adventures. It’s a great test of endurance and bravery.


You will find out a lot about a person when you travel with them. Traveling together will test your relationship, it’s kind of similar to living together. Will you get annoyed with each other? are they messy? rude to the hotel staff? do they prefer to relax rather than explore when on vacation?

Some people think just because you can go on a date or two with someone, that you’re ready to go away with them for days or weeks. Try short trips first before upgrading to the international “baecation”. Ideas include: a weekend camping trip or just a weekend getaway in general, or a quick day-trip out of town.

Remember to think outside the box.

The goal is to keep things wild and spontaneous. Date nights should not only happen on special occasions like: Valentines Day, Birthday’s, and Anniversaries. That gets boring and predictable. Bring your partner flowers, lunch, or an edible arrangement to their workplace. I bet that will make their whole entire day! ‘Just because’ gifts are always appreciated too.

My dream date.

A sunset picnic at the beach with pizza, good music, wine, and Mary Jane.

Happy dating, lovers!

Love always,

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