Respect My Boundaries

“NO” is a complete sentence and it’s one that requires no explanation. I don’t need convincing and please don’t ask me anymore questions after I said what I said. Nowadays, when my boundaries are ignored or pushed, I immediately go into defense mode and all respect is off the table. It has honestly taken me … Continue reading Respect My Boundaries

Dog Tag: Meet My Yorkie

I decided to keep things light this weekend by doing a quick dog tag post. My dog is basically a member of my family and he’s one of my best-est most loyal friends. So, here goes.. Name & Meaning// His name is Ace. I wanted something simple but strong. Ace also represents the ‘Ace of … Continue reading Dog Tag: Meet My Yorkie

What’s in My Bag: On-The-Go Essentials

What’s one item that you cannot leave the house without? An item that you would risk being late for if you went back to get it. Keep that question in mind as you read through today’s post! Choosing the right bag My favorite go-to type of bag to carry is a small or mini book … Continue reading What’s in My Bag: On-The-Go Essentials

Read This Before You Pursue a Career in Healthcare

If you don't have a passion for healthcare and are only doing it for the money- you’re already setting yourself up for failure in this field. If you are only in this field because it's what your family wants for you- you will never be happy. And that's on period! First, let's check the resume. … Continue reading Read This Before You Pursue a Career in Healthcare