What’s in My Bag: On-The-Go Essentials

What’s one item that you cannot leave the house without? An item that you would risk being late for if you went back to get it.

Keep that question in mind as you read through today’s post!

Choosing the right bag

My favorite go-to type of bag to carry is a small or mini book bag, tote bags, fanny packs (in the summer), or a flat shoulder bag/cross body. I hate carrying a big bulky heavy bag cause when I do, I’m more prone to over stuff them with unnecessary things. Plus, I don’t want to make myself too much of a target for thieves.

When shopping for the right bag, I like ones with several pockets for stashing things and zippers to keep out the rain. There’s nothing worse than having a bag with no zippers and all your stuff is getting soaking wet on the inside. Yuck. Anyways, I love black leather bags with gold detailing. Leather is strong and durable so I would rarely go for cloth or suede-like materials and I don’t do tiny clutch bags.

What’s in my bag?

Face Mask.

As long as we’re still in a Panera Bread, masks will always be essential to carry. I’ve been wearing the basic black or blue surgical masks, but I may start exploring ones with designs and more colors.

Hand Sanitizer(s).

Even before the Panoramic, I always carried hand sanitizer with me because I work in the healthcare field and it’s basically second nature at this point. I carry a small sized Purell bottle and a bougie hand sanitizer spray. My favorite is the ‘Mrs. Meyers Hand Sanitizer Spray- Basil Scent’ from Wal-Mart.


Cause a girl gotta keep soft moisturized lips at all times!

Lipgloss or Lipliner & Gloss Combo.

Since we have to wear masks all the time, putting on lip stick, gloss, or make up in general is kind of pointless now. But once I get to my destination or in the car, I’ll apply it. We still gotta take selfies right?

Microfiber Towel.

I use these towels to clean my glasses. They look like small cute handkerchiefs. I hate when my glasses get smeared and foggy which happens a lot often now that we wear face masks.

Hand Cream.

Washing my hands all day can have my hands lookin’ ashy so to restore moisture and keep my hands nice and soft, I bring a cream with me.

Gum or Peppermints.

After eating a yummy cheesesteak with extra onions, what you gonna do? if you have a travel-sized toothpaste and toothbrush, I recommend you bring that along if you know the kind of food you’re going to be eating is strongly flavored.

I always like to munch on gum or peppermints after I eat or simply just because.

Dental Floss.

Have you ever finished eating and you’re just happy and smiling away but whole time you have food stuck in your teeth? that’s not cute. And a lot of times, people will be too embarrassed to tell you that you have something in your teeth which is so stupid to me. And that leads me to my next item..

Small Hand-Held Mirror.

You can never rely on others to tell you, so I always keep a mirror to check my teeth, my nose, and my entire face.

Steel Straw.

I just recently started carrying a steel straw with me and I don’t know why I never thought of doing so years ago. I’m pretty certain restaurants still reuse their cups and glasses. Why would you want to put your lips on that? Don’t get me started on the forks and spoons, oh lord.

Blotting Papers.

I have oily prone skin. That’s it, that’s all.

Kleenex Tissues.

It’s now allergy season and I sneeze a lot, especially in the mornings.

Protection // Mace.

There’s some crazy people in this world and as a woman, I must protect myself and I highly encourage other women to do the same. Go get some mace, a whistle, a Taser/stun gun, a knife, or a blade right neoww!

Remember to always be alert of your surroundings. Don’t be walking slow or looking down at your phone.


You would think it’s impossible to forget your keys but it can definitely happen whether you’re in a rush or not. That’s why I prefer to keep all my keys on one keychain and leave it in the same spot when I come home.

I’m also grateful for having a keyless remote/push-to-start engine so I don’t bother with a car key at all anymore. There’s been several times where I locked my keys in my old car (’08 Ford Focus) and that’s literally the most annoying thing ever.

Poopouri Toilet Spray.

If you gotta go, you gotta go right? haha. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I would rarely ever do number 2 in public but even if I’m just using the stall to pee, I like to make sure it smells fresh if someone goes in behind me. I’m a clean freak.

Hair Tools.

Depending on my hair style, I need to carry a comb with me. I also like to throw in a bobby pin or two and a hair tie.

Entertainment // AirPods.

I must have music, it makes everything better. So, if I’m going to a doctors or a hair appointment and I have to wait my turn, I need to have something occupying my mind.

Feminine Wet Wipes.

Using only toilet paper just doesn’t do it for many reasons. If you know, you know.

Pen & Paper.

You never know when you gotta jot down some information like a phone number, an address, a quick grocery or shopping list, an idea, etc. Carrying a whole notepad would take up too much space so I like to opt for sticky notes. I keep paper and pen in my car too.

The Sometimes-y Items

iPhone Charger.

I don’t really need to bring a charger with me all the time because I have a USB cord + port in my car already so my phone rarely dies when I’m on the go. But, if I’m going out in someone else’s car, then I’ll try to bring my charger or if I’m going to be out for a long period of time in general like for a road trip, vacation, etc. It’s also good to have one handy just in case someone else needs to use it.

Other Feminine Products.

This goes for: pads, tampons, and panty-liners. I would only carry these with me if I’m on my cycle or if I know it’s about to start and I don’t want any surprises.

Roll-On or Travel Sized Perfume.

I don’t usually like to carry perfumes with me because they will have the whole bag smelling just like that particular perfume. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can just be overwhelming. Also, perfumes and lotions can explode in extreme weather conditions, especially heat.

I put on however much I need before my day gets started and the scent should last me for the rest of the day till I can take another bath/shower. When I do carry a perfume with me, I make sure it’s a small roll-on or travel sized bottle cause ain’t nobody got time to try and fit a fat globe-sized perfume bottle into their bag.

Snack // Breakfast Bar.

This is an item I want to start carrying as an essential item again because when I get hungry, I get HANGRY. It’s always good to have something to curve your hunger so you don’t end up buying more food at the grocery store or caving in and buying fast foods.

Organization 101

One organization tip I like to use is having a separate pouch in my bag for toiletry/beauty items. This helps prevent me from fumbling around in my bag trying to find things.

I love this personalized pouch a good friend of mine made for me. Go check her out at: Simply Unique Customs.

An item I could not leave the house without is: Chapstick. I don’t care how far I got down the street, I would make a U-Turn real quick! I hate having dry lips and having to lick them all day is no fun. I like using Blistex or EOS.

Drop your essential item in the comments. Till next time 🙂

love always,

2 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag: On-The-Go Essentials

  1. A lip gloss is a must no one wants dry lips, I love the Nivea shimmer lipcare. Fro comb as well since I have short hair. Ooh not to forget some ear phones.

    I enjoyed reading this!
    Thankyou Tiffany❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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