Dog Tag: Meet My Yorkie

I decided to keep things light this weekend by doing a quick dog tag post. My dog is basically a member of my family and he’s one of my best-est most loyal friends. So, here goes..

  • Name & Meaning// His name is Ace. I wanted something simple but strong. Ace also represents the ‘Ace of Hearts’ and ‘Ace of Spades’. To some people, the ‘Ace of Spades’ has a negative reputation of being a bad omen but I do not see it that way. To me, it’s a reminder that death is imminent and that we must live life to the fullest. We should not live in fear.
  • Nicknames// Buddy, Acey, Aces, Acey-Wacey.
  • Gender// Male.
  • Birthday & Age// Ace was born on August 24th, 2014 and I got him at 8 weeks old. He’s currently 6 years old and according to the WebMD’s dog age calculator, he’s 40 in human years.
  • Breed// Yorkshire Terrier. Full breed, no mix.
  • Coat Color// Black and tan with some silver, grey-ish hairs. My baby’s a whole grown man now.
  • Neutered// Yes.
  • Chipped// Yes.
  • Purchased from// ‘Just Puppies’ a licensed breeder in Towson, MD.
  • Cost// Around $800.00, I think. I don’t remember the exact amount cause he was given to me as a gift.
  • Size// Small standard sized. But he’s definitely not teacup sized like most Yorkies are known to be. He weighs about 10lbs.
Enjoying a car ride with my dad.
  • His Personality and Behavior// He’s very energetic (especially when he was younger), feisty as hell but friendly, great with kids, and well-tempered. And he’s very smart. He will do certain things out of spite when he don’t get his way. For example, if you stop playing with him he’ll take one of your shoes and run off with it knowing that you’ll have to chase him for it. He also doesn’t bark a lot but if a stranger approaches the house or if he’s aggravated enough, he will definitely bark.
  • His favorite things// He likes being warm, cuddling, and sleeping. He likes being held like a baby, stomach rubs, playtime at the dog park, long walks, salmon flavored treats, grapes, sticking his head out the window during car rides, playing tug of war, squeaky chew toys, and running wild within wide grass fields. His favorite person is my dad. His favorite saying to hear is: “Do you want to go outside/for a walk?” and favorite word: “Treats!”.
  • Where does he sleep?// Everywhere. He sleeps in his own bed, on the floor, or in my bed (when he’s clean).
  • Does he snore?// Yes, when he’s really deep into it.
  • His job// Being a sock thief & cat chaser.
My little snuggle bunny.
  • His least favorite things// Going to the vet and being left alone (separation anxiety). Sometimes I really wish I would’ve gotten two dogs so I wouldn’t feel so bad leaving him by himself but my dad comes to get him when I’m at work. He doesn’t like being aggressively touched. He doesn’t like his nails cut or his teeth being cleaned but, I think that has a lot to do with his past bad grooming experiences at Pet Smart. Also, he does not like the smell of nail polish. I’m not sure if every dog is like this but he hates it, he will go crazy haha. And he doesn’t like when my mom gets angry or when I roll up newspaper (if you know, you know).
  • Health issues// I’ve noticed that he’s had some skin conditions over the years. Such as, dry skin, itching, a cyst grew on his ear that had to be removed, and he had one outbreak of fleas a couple years ago. Internally, he’s pretty healthy. Also, his teeth has more wear and tartar build up which comes with aging.
  • What food does he eat?// I give him a mix of dry and wet canned dog foods. I want to start incorporating more home cooked meals and fruits into his diet. Currently, he’s on the food brand called: “Bella” by Purina. He loves beef sticks, dog bones, and Beggin’ Strips- bacon and cheese flavor. And of course he drinks water. I’ve only given him milk a couple times to settle his stomach or relieve constipation. His favorite human food to eat is Chicken.
He loves sleeping like he worked a 40hr work week.
  • Do you dress him up in outfits or buy a lot of clothing for him?// Actually, no. I’m not one of those dog parents that faithfully dress their dog in stylish outfits. In fact, Ace hates wearing shoes/dog booties. A cute coat with a hoodie, a bandana, and a sweater to keep him warm and dry is the only necessary clothing item. And I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop putting dogs in a baby stroller.
  • What bath time products do you use?// Mane N’ Tail. Also products with calming skin properties in it like oatmeal and a medicated shampoo from his Vet.
  • Does he take any medications, vitamins, supplements?// Right now, no. But he was taking ‘HeartGard Plus’- chewable once a month as a heartworm disease preventative that I need to re-up on asap.
  • Do you want more dogs?// Yes, but not till I have my own house with more yard space.

Having a pet overall has been the best treatment for curing baby fever. I already feel guilty for leaving my dog at home, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when I actually have a child. Just like children, dogs are expensive, they get sick and throw up, they have bathroom accidents, they require an abundance of love, nourishment, and attention. But it’s worth it. Shout out to all my dog parents out there!

Yorkie Facts You Might Not Have Known..

  1. Dorothy’s Dog- Toto in ‘The Wizard of OZ’ was a Yorkie/Terrier. One of the most loved small dogs in movies and books.
  2. Yorkshire Terriers do well at everything from dog sports, like agility, to therapy work. The world’s first therapy dog was thought to be a Yorkie. They’re great travel companions and family dogs.
  3. Their hair texture is similar to human hair and does not shed because they have no undercoat.
  4. They are good at catching rats and other vermin in underground tunnels but I don’t think I will be testing this theory.
  5. During World War II, one Yorkie was a war hero that saved the lives of soldiers by dragging a communications cable through an 8-inch-wide, 60-foot-long drainage culvert.
  6. They don’t scare easily to loud noises which makes big city living and urban environments a success. In fact, Yorkies are at the top of the list for NYC’s most popular breeds.

Question: Do you think it’s true that dogs and their owners start to look alike after a while?

Ace and I.

love always,

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