Book Review: More Than Enough

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of reading and finishing one of New York Times Bestseller’s: “More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say)” by: Elaine Welteroth with a foreword by: Ava Duvernay. This book is nonfiction and part-memoir with an emphasis on Elaine’s career journey.


There are 24 chapters and 320 pages in this book. It was written in English language and was published on April 28th, 2020 by the Penguin Books publishing company. I paid about $23.80 for the hardcover format at my local Target. I really enjoyed the structure of this book, the font size and the section breaks in between chapters made reading so much easier on the eyes.

About Book / Overview

“Throughout her life, Elaine Welteroth has climbed the ranks of media and fashion, shattering ceilings along the way. In this riveting and timely memoir, the groundbreaking journalist unpacks lessons on race, identity, and success through her own journey, from navigating her way as the unstoppable child of an unlikely interracial marriage in small-town California to finding herself on the frontlines of a modern movement for the next generation of change makers.

Welteroth moves beyond the headlines and highlight reels to share the profound lessons and struggles of being a barrier-breaker across so many intersections. As a young boss and often the only Black woman in the room, she’s had enough of the world telling her—and all women—they’re not enough. As she learns to rely on herself by looking both inward and upward, we’re ultimately reminded that we’re more than enough.”

More Than Enough.

Favorite Quotes

This book is full of great quotes from not only Elaine but other writers, authors, and activists so it was hard to just to pick a few.

Discovering what you don’t want is just as important as finding out what you do.

Elaine Welteroth- Pg. 93.

The best worst news- no one is going to come and save you.

Kate Dearing, TV Writer- Pg. 143

If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.

Shirley Chisholm- Pg. 123

When women affirm women, it unlocks our power. It gives us permission to shine brighter.

Elaine Welteroth- Pg. 110.

To be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious, is to be in a rage all of the time.

James Baldwin- Pg. 249.

I’ve learned to love who I am. Even if certain parts were forged by fire.

Elaine Welteroth- Pg. 35.

About Author / Contact Info

You can follow Elaine here on Instagram and her Twitter to keep up or to get in touch.

My Review / Reaction

The major themes I got from this book is the importance of never giving up on yourself or your dreams. Finding your true purpose and encouragement for going for what you want out of your life and career.

This book raised the issue of how black women aren’t paid or afforded the same treatment and promotion as their white counterparts in the fashion/magazine industry even as far as certain magazine companies not wanting to put black people on the cover page out of fear that it won’t sell well. Elaine also raised the issue of how you can lose yourself in your work and what happens when a job is no longer in alignment with who you are anymore and knowing when it’s time to move on. Of course it made me think a lot about my own career. Although I’m in the healthcare industry and not the fashion industry, I could still relate to her a lot. I enjoyed reading about her childhood and upbringing too. She is bi-racial and often struggled with her identity and not fitting in. In her own words, she felt like she was not black enough for the black kids and not white enough for the white kids.

I’ll admit, when I first picked up this book I did not expect it to be an autobiography and prior to reading I had never heard of Elaine Welteroth, so I was definitely surprised when I started reading it. I thought I was getting a self-help book but ended up with so much more and I’m not mad about it. Overall, I would say this book is not super entertaining but it’s very inspiring and enlightening. I don’t see myself reading it over and over again, but I will always remember who Elaine Welteroth is and I think that’s the real purpose of it. As a fellow black woman, I felt really proud of her wins and accomplishments and how she made a name for herself despise the odds.

When a girl is born, a universe of possibilities is born within her. When a little black girl is born, she is born with the promise of a better future; her life represents new hope for breaking generational chains- of systemic oppression, of discrimination, of abuse- that have plagued our lineage. And it is because of the struggles of the strong women who came before that she is born with the potential to dream beyond what any of them ever could.

Elaine welteroth, page 3.

You can get a copy of this book here.

What are you currently reading? Have you read this book yet? or do you think you would be interested in reading it? Let me know in the comments.

love always,

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