555 : Unexpected Blessings

Let me tell you about the power of manifestation. I promise I won’t hold you too long.

One of the ways I like to manifest is through scripting/law of attraction. Manifesting during the full and new moon cycles seem to be the most powerful times for me.

Scripting is when you write out your life dreams in a manifestation journal of your choice.

It’s always important to first express gratitude before you ask the universe or a higher power for what you want. Then, you script/write out what you want like it already happened or has been accomplished. Be as specific as possible.

You should be feeling happy, grateful, and positive as you are scripting. Your environment should be cleansed and inspiring. Make it into a ritual- light candles, eat a good snack, play your favorite songs or meditation music as you’re scripting.

Never share to anyone what you are manifesting. Only share when your manifestation comes true. That’s law.

And remember: manifestation doesn’t work unless you do. Which means, you need to put in the work!

From April 28th to May 1st, 2021, I started randomly seeing 555 everywhere. Prior to then, I’ve been praying and scripting in my manifestation journal like crazy.

Since two of my manifestations already came true, I don’t mind sharing what I scripted:

As you can see, I always like to initial and date at the bottom of every entry. I wrote this script on the Aries new moon.

On this day, I wrote this script during the first super moon of 2021. I truly apologize for my chicken scratch handwriting 😂.

On May 10th- the 10th day of the 5th month of the year, both of these manifestations came true. Just 9 days after the 555 sightings, I got a new job offer and passed my medical assisting RE-certification exam.

I only had ONE chance to pass that exam and if I didn’t, I would’ve been suspended from my current job by May 16th. But God came through as he always does when I least expect it. God was like “Girl, stop your worrying and go pass this exam real quick but first, here’s a new job opportunity”.

In angel numbers, 555 means unexpected blessings, new changes, and new beginnings are on the way. The days leading up to the 10th, I was feeling oddly optimistic before anything even happened. I had this intense feeling that God was ‘bout to show out and DID. I felt extremely blessed and still do.

Everything happens in divine timing.

And this wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced these unexpected blessings in the past year. I’ve also had random money come to me exactly when I needed it.

God is so good.

My favorite affirmations for manifesting money:

I am a money magnet.

Money flows to me with ease.

If this doesn’t encourage you to start manifesting the life of your dreams, I don’t know what will.

love always,

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