Cicadas & Twerkulators

June, is that you playa?

2021 is not playing any games with us. This year is literally flying by but I’m ready for a hot girl summer. More places and events are starting to return and open back up now that the mask mandate is easing up. The rate of new COVID cases are dropping!

Here are my favorites for the month of May:


It was an under-whelming month for new movies and T.V. shows in my opinion. I’ve mostly been watching old episodes of ‘Bad Girls Club’ on Hulu, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘All American’, ‘The Originals’ (finally on the last season), and ‘Ghost Adventures’.

I’m excited for the return of ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ on June 22nd. And ‘Black Summer’ season 2 on June 17th. I want a new season of ‘Black Mirror’ so bad! And when is ‘Insecure’ returning with the final season?!

The season finale of ‘Black Lightning’ was pretty good- Tobias is DEAD. I’m glad Jennifer got her old body back, I knew there was something fishy about the other girl who took over her life/body. Also, Jordan Calloway- the guy that plays Painkiller announced on his IG that there will not be a Painkiller spinoff, and I honestly want to fight him because why not?!

I tried getting into Jamie Foxx new Netflix sitcom ‘Dad you’re embarrassing me’ and Mike Epps ‘The Up Shaws’, but I’m just not really feeling it. I find today’s sitcoms to be really corny. It’s the recorded laughter for me. Also, I don’t get the hype over ‘Who Killed Sara’ either, it’s kind of boring me.

T.V. Shows.

  1. Hunters’- Amazon Prime. I’m literally binge-watching this show as I’m typing this post on May 31st. A good friend of mine just recommended it to me (Hey Andrew!). And so far, so good. I’m really surprised it only has a 3.5 star rating. I guess the critics are scared of anything that’s too controversial. About show: “Inspired by true events, HUNTERS follows a rag-tag team of Nazi Hunters in 1977 New York City who discover that hundreds of escaped Nazis are living in America. And so, they do what any bad-ass vigilante squad would do: they set out on a bloody quest for revenge and justice. But they soon discover a far-reaching conspiracy and must race against time to thwart the Nazis’ new genocidal plans” (Amazon Prime).


  1. ‘Army of The Dead’- Netflix. I give this movie five freakin’ stars!!!! I enjoyed it so much. I love a good zombie film and it gave exactly what needed to be gave. Action, gore, comedic bits, and pure bad-ass-ness. Yaass. About movie: “After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever” (Netflix).
  2. ‘Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse’- Amazon Prime. This movie was apparently based off the best-selling book by Tom Clancy which I’ve never read so some of the reviews I read on this movie were pretty harsh. Saying it’s no where near as good as the book, bad acting, bad production, blah, blah, blah. It wasn’t a bad movie in my opinion just a little predictable but good action. And of course, it’s always good to see Michael B. Jordan on screen. About movie: “An elite Navy SEAL (Michael B. Jordan) uncovers an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife in Without Remorse, the explosive origin story of action hero John Clark – one of the most popular characters in author Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan universe” (Amazon Prime).
  3. The Woman in the Window’- Netflix. A semi-psychological drama. About movie: “Confined to her home by agoraphobia, a psychologist becomes obsessed with her new neighbors — and solving a brutal crime she witnesses from her window” (Netflix).


It’s been a great month for new music but first, we need to talk about ‘Soulection Radio’ hosted by Joe Kay. Pure good vibes!! Whether I’m going on a drive, relaxing at home solo, or chillin’ with my friends or a boo, Soulection Radio fits every mood and setting. Soulection is honestly a genre all on it’s own. The radio show live broadcasts on Saturday nights, 9pm eastern time till 11pm on Apple Music 1. You can also listen for free on SoundCloud as well.

About: “Since 2011, Soulection has been a cornerstone of creativity for innovative musicians, crate-digging DJs, and open-minded fans from across the world. What began as an independent radio show has since blossomed into a global community of artists and audiences, united in a borderless, genre-bending, musical movement.” (Soulection).

Follow Joe Kay on IG (very aesthetically pleasing). He also has bomb playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. I love his slowed edits and the lovers rock playlists, sheesh. His clothing brand called: ‘Timeless Classics’ has cool merch that is all sold out unfortunately. I really wanted the ‘music, wine, and incense’ bucket hat.

Now moving on to new music: the “ville is back, the real is back” aka J. Cole, dropped a new album “The Off-Season”, Nicki Minaj re-released her mixtape ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ that was everything I didn’t know I needed to hear again. City Girl’s dropped a summer anthem with their “Twerkulator” single. Mereba and IAMNOBODI released EP’s. Flying Lotus, Maeta, Sinead Harnett, and Shelley FKA DRAM gave us new albums. DRAM’s was my favorite album. The verzuz battle between SWV and Xscape on mothers day weekend was good to see as well. The battle got good once they all stopped lip synching and actually got up out their seats.

Newly discovered artist of the month goes to: Christian Kuria. His ‘Borderline’ album is so dreamy.

Currently, I’m bout to get into YG and Mozzy’s joint album.

In the meantime, enjoy my top favorite singles all in one playlist below, titled “The Warm Up”, cause we’re warming up for summer, duh.

Follow my Spotify page here.

Podcast Episodes.

From a powerful sermon about leaning into uncertainty, ways to become a reflection of my most authentic self, learning whether I’m ready to purchase a home (in conclusion, I’m not ready yet but I know what steps I need to take), finding out if polygamy is right for me (it’s not, but it was an interesting convo), chuckling about how us introverts navigate clingy relationships and the awkwardness of first dates, to how I can honor my mental health. These podcast episodes were affirming and healing in their own ways. Check them out below:


Nothing new in books this month.


Vaseline’s Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion.

A very lightweight and non-greasy body lotion perfect for the summer time and lightly scented as well. Combines 100% cocoa and Shea butters for a natural glow. Buy it here.

Native Natural Deodorant.

I decided to switch to the ‘Powder and Cotton’ scent and I like it. It’s so hard to find deodorants that are Aluminum free which is sad. Deodorants can have so many harmful chemicals in it, you really have to be careful. I can actually say Native’s deodorant is non-irritating. Buy it here.


Dansko XP 2.0.

I’ve been in the healthcare field for 6+ years and I’m just now getting a pair of Dansko’s. I’m usually a sneaker girl at work because I prefer comfort over good looks but I finally caved in. They are definitely not the most comfortable. They make a lot of noise when I walk (which I oddly like), they’re slip resistant, and make me appear taller. They cost about $135.00 online at Scrub Pro, the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought.


Pretzel Crisps Drizzlers.

My favorite new snack. These are thin, crunchy pretzel snacks- milk chocolate and caramel flavored. My coworker got me hooked on these, I have to force myself from eating the whole bag. Buy them here.

Sushi Ichiban.

I’ve been on a sushi kick this month. I tried the ‘Salmon Lover’ combo meal at Sushi Ichiban in Towson, MD that included: 3 pieces of salmon roll, 3 pieces of tuna roll, 3 pieces of crab roll, 3 pieces of cucumber roll, and 5 pieces of salmon sashimi.

Birria Tacos // Mex on The Run Food Truck Review.

I finally tried Birria tacos with Consomme from ‘Mex on The Run’– an authentic Mexican food truck in the Baltimore area. They were juicy and delicious.

Mother’s Day Brunch @ Teavolve.

Mother’s Day was lovely. Me, my mom, and my step-dad went to Teavolve Cafe for brunch. This was my second time there. We got there early so getting a table was a breeze. The food portions are pretty big. We had French toast, pancakes, sausage, grits, turkey bacon, and more. The mimosas are great and we got to make our own.

Girls Night @ Kona Grill.

Let’s make dating our friends a thing. Cause I’m finna be dating mine all summer and all year long honestly. It’s always a great time when I get to connect with my friends.

We went to Kona Grill in downtown Baltimore. Kona Grill is America’s grill serving seafood, steak, and sushi.

The casamigos margarita was my favorite (I had to get two), and learning how to use chopsticks was funny. The service wasn’t too good this night, it took forever to get served, it was pretty crowded, and we had a small wait for our table. Me and my girlfriend shared the Rainbow and Sunset sushi dishes with bowls of fried rice on the side.

The shrimp fried rice was definitely not the best. There was about 2 shrimps and more onions than rice.

Home Décor & Other Items

Nothing new in home decor this month.

Life Updates

Huge Closet Clean Out.

I impulsively made the decision to donate most of my clothes and I’m happy I finally did. I freed up a lot of space. It was time to let go of some things. Items I never wore, items I outgrew, and items I simply just didn’t like anymore. Now I need to invest in a clothing rack so that I’m not stuffing everything in my dresser drawers.

New wardrobe loading!

New Job, Who Dis?.

If you read my ‘555// Unexpected Blessings’ blog post, then you already know that I was offered a new job. And I’m proud to say, I’ve accepted the offer. I plan to be in grind mode this summer especially since I’m not taking any classes till fall/winter. Go me!

The Return of The Cicada.

After 17 long years, the cicadas have finally returned looking as ugly as ever. These loud bugs are invading Baltimore right now. I was 10 years old when they first came on the scene. I can hear them outside my window all day and all night long. I will say though, I don’t see them flying around as much as they were 17 years ago. I mostly see them all over the ground, usually dead. Some people have chosen to eat them, play with them, and other people like me- chose to avoid them and let them be. If they don’t bother me, I don’t bother them.

Writers & Creative Block vs. Procrastination.

I don’t know if it’s the mercury retrograde or what but I’ve been having a creative/writers block for days now. I’ll have a topic to write about but when I go to write- I draw a blank or I’ll take forever to write it. Is it just me? what’s going on?

I seem to do my best work late at night or when there’s a tight deadline.

Face Tatt’ed.

I. Am. Obsessed with my new mini tattoo. I got it on Friday, May 28th, 2021 by a local tattoo artist I found on Instagram. Check his work out here. It’s an ‘Ace of Hearts’ in red ink on the right side of my face. The Ace of Hearts symbolizes happiness and prosperity. It also represents an intense desire to be loved.

“Ace of Heart has a gregarious, magnetic personality, which can attract many business opportunities. They always want to look good in the eyes of others, and appreciate beauty while striving for self-improvement. They are creative, but find it difficult to make choices in regards to work and health.” (MetaSymbology).

Debt Snowball.

So, I’ve been doing the Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball plan for a couple months now and if I continue to stay on track, I’ll have 2 loans and my credit card debt paid off by the end of the year. Only leaving my car loan left to tackle. Let’s get it!

love always,

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