An Ode to a Girl’s First Love

They say a father is a little girl’s first love, her first superhero, and her first friend for a reason.

As a true daddy’s girl, the only girl, and the youngest, I can wholeheartedly speak from experience that this saying is indeed true.

I’m so blessed to still have my dad here earth-side with me, and equally grateful that we have such a good relationship. My childhood is filled with many fond memories.


Although a man of few words, your love and support is something that I’ve never had to doubt. Like an instinct, I just knew and I always felt it.

One of the first faces I saw when I entered into this world. And you’ve been there for me every step of the way ever since. Every time I fell, I rested assuredly that you would always catch me, because you did.

No matter how old I get, I will always call you for advice, guidance, and protection.

No matter how old I get, I will never be too old for one of your big strong hugs. I’m in my late 20s now and still get called “Baby Girl”, and I don’t mind one bit.

Because of you, I know exactly how I should be treated in a relationship. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

You’re the best male role model there is.

Thanks for never discouraging me to go after what I want just because I’m a girl. You made me feel like I could accomplish anything just by believing that I could.

Your sacrifices to provide have never gone unnoticed. I know there were times you were too tired to play and to do certain activities but your consistent presence in my life was more than enough.

Thanks for your kindness, your patience (cause I know I can be dramatic sometimes), and your wisdom. I know you’d do anything for me in a heartbeat and vice versa.

Thanks for being all that you are & more.

I’m so glad God chose me to be your daughter.

Some of Our Best Memories..

  • Going to fashion shows, car shows, music and cultural festivals. // And him somehow making a way for me and my cousin to meet the singer Brandy.
  • Lunching at pizzerias and Lexington Market (before the Market went downhill).
  • Bike riding at Druid Hill Park // We were always doing some sort of outdoor activities. There was never a dull moment at my dads house when I went to visit on most weekends. During those days, there was no such thing as being on my cellphone or being glued to an iPad all day, he made sure I went outside. I learned to play soccer, went horseback riding, swimming, etc.
  • Going to thrift shops and letting me get vintage clothing and costumes to play dress up in.
  • The matching outfits we wore when I was a little girl. Too adorable!
  • Being able to ride shotgun during car rides and feeling hella cool with our sunglasses on. Our car karaoke moments were the best.

Traits / Similarities We Share..

// Other than the fact that many people say we look alike, we do share other similarities. My dad is very introverted and quiet. He prefers to be to himself pretty much all of the time. I’m introverted too but not as extreme, I actually do enjoy going places and meeting new people.

// We’re both old souls when it comes to music. I guess I have him to thank for that. My dad is 71 so you can just imagine the type of music he listens to. He introduced me to Motown, soul music, zydeco, calypso, smooth jazz, reggae, house, go-go, and all sorts of beautiful sounds.

// We both like shopping and getting nice things. I get my spending habits from him and my saving habits from my mom. We’re both more sensitive and expressive with our emotions as well, unlike my mom. So, everything balances out.

*He’s a Cancer sun, I’m a Libra sun, my rising sign is in Cancer. My mom is an Aquarius sun- for all my astrology fanatics.

A Few of My Dad’s Favorite Things..

  • Frankie Beverly & Maze (his favorite artist & band). I went with him to one of their concerts many years ago and it was a vibe!
  • Wearing hats (bucket hats and fedoras are his favorites) and dressing in style no matter the occasion.
  • Classic sports cars. He loves being outside hand-washing his own cars- yes, as in more than one car.
  • ‘Black Ice’ car freshener.
  • The color Black.
  • ‘Cool Water’ cologne.
  • Collecting art pieces and African jewelry.
  • Boxing, MMA, and Football (we’re die hard Baltimore Ravens over here).
  • Grilling and sitting out on the porch/patio, relaxing.
  • Old westerns and action movies.
  • Animals, especially dogs.
  • Keeping a bald-head, haha.
  • His favorite farewell saying: “One Love☝🏾”

love always,

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