Things Worth Saving and Splurging on

Yes, we should all be saving on/for emergencies, debts, medical bills, retirement, college funds, home and car repairs, and other necessities, but today we’re mostly focusing on splurges that will improve your lifestyle and some that will help you save some cash too.

Would you sacrifice the extra money for a peace of mind?

A Good Mattress and Quality Sheets.

A good night’s rest is very important for several health and wellness reasons. When I don’t get my sleep, I’m the most grumpiest person you’ll ever meet, so making sure that the mattress I’m sleeping on is firm and comfortable is worth splurging extra money on. Also, get soft quality sheets. I heard linen and 3,000 thread count sheets are pure luxury.

Saving Old Family and Baby Photos.

Although most old photos are embarrassing to look at, they can have some great memories and stories attached to them. In a world where everything is digitized, it’s refreshing to look through an actual handheld photo album.

You never know when your computer or phone may crash, so I suggest capturing as many pictures as you can and printing them out. Or go old school and buy a disposable camera or an Instax. I love the aesthetic of a polaroid photo.

Vintage Toys & Gaming/Electronic Devices.

Sometimes I randomly think about my Nintendo Dogs and my Tamagotchi pets that I abandoned many years ago. I think holding on to the once popular toys, electronics, and gaming devices that we all loved is very beneficial to save because they’re great for showing future generations and who knows, could also be worth some money.

Does anyone still have their old Nintendo 64 gaming system? I miss playing Super Smash Bros!

Fresh Organic Produce.

Just because the food prices are cheap doesn’t mean it’s always a good deal. Have you ever wondered why the unhealthy food choices are always the cheapest?

My advice: Try shopping at Farmers Markets, buy fruits and veggies during their peak seasons, shop the perimeter of the grocery store for the freshest produce, make sure to check expiration dates and ingredients lists.

And lastly, form a relationship with your local grocer/butcher. “Even if your grocery store is a large chain, this is still something you can do. Talk to the people stocking the produce section, manning the deli counter or working in the bakery. Ask them what days they receive your favorite vegetables, when they get their deli shipments in, what day the fresh bread in the bakery is made.” Source: Heal with Food.

Quality Skincare & Beauty Products.

What you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on your body.

Knowing your skin type and what your skin concerns are will go a long way in choosing the right products. Products with lots of fragrance (including essential oils) and harsh chemicals will most likely irritate your skin.

Also, find a good dermatologist.

VIP Tickets to Your Favorite Event (Concert, Festival, etc..)

Everybody should splurge on a VIP experience at least once. But, one VIP experience I’m not wasting money on is the VIP club section cause it’s a scam. Why on earth would I want to pay $500 to sit at a table and hundreds of dollars for bottles. I can do that at home for way cheaper and have a way better experience.

But anyways, if your favorite artist is coming to town I would definitely say go for the VIP experience- if you can. You’ll never know when you might be able to experience seeing them live or if a pandemic happens..

Look for VIP offers that actually offer great VIP benefits like premium seating or front row seats, free gifts and souvenirs, a meet and greet, clean luxury restroom facilities, early entry, access to a pre-show or after party, etc.

Staple Fashion Pieces.

A good pair of denim jeans and a leather jacket are staple style pieces that will never go out of style. Shopping sustainably is worth the splurge because you know you’re getting quality materials that will last a very long time. Linen and 100% organic cotton material to be exact.

But when it comes to shopping, you should really try to save on as much money as you can and only splurge on staple items. I also learned a shopping trick- try shopping for clothing in the opposite season to get the best sales. Nobody is looking for a faux fur coat in the summer time.


To invest means “to expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial plans, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture.”- Wikipedia.

It’s a great idea to start investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. I love the beauty of flipping an old house into something beautiful and I hope to be able to invest in property some day.

Most of all- invest in yourself. Self care isn’t selfish, it’s a necessary investment honey! Don’t be scared to ask for help from a professional if you need to. For example, you can invest in a career coach, a financial advisor, a personal chef, a personal trainer, a tutor, an esthetician, a hairstylist or barber that you can trust with your hair, a masseuse, or a therapist to improve your mental health.


Memberships are more of a luxury splurge in my opinion, not really something that’s necessary but could be helpful. As far as memberships I’m talking about gym memberships, AAA, car wash memberships, movie theater memberships, Amazon Prime, or any membership that will help you save money on paying the full non-discounted price on something that you use on a weekly/monthly basis.


They are the perfect addition to any family or household and can bring so much joy. Who wouldn’t want to have a loyal best friend?.

Pets will teach you a lot about responsibility, compassion, patience, loyalty, and true love. And they make for great cuddle buddies.

Traveling (esp. solo).

Solo traveling is good for the soul. I haven’t done much of it yet but just doing small things by myself brings me so much peace and tranquility.

My advice would be to work your way up to solo traveling by first getting comfortable with going out to places alone. For example, go out to eat alone, go see a movie, go shopping by yourself, go for a solo hike, sit at the park, visit the museum, or the beach. Start with local stays and day trips too.

Non-Stop Flights.

Simply put, I always opt for the non-stop flight when I’m booking. I barely want to be on the plane in the first place so the less planes that I gotta take, the better. The more planes you have to take, the longer it will be before you can get to your destination.

Portable Appliances.

Why leave your air conditioner at home when you can take it with you? LOL 😂.

I don’t think I’m that desperate for cool air but I wouldn’t mind taking a personal fan with me and putting it in my purse. In todays day and age, we have access to so many appliances that are portable.

We have portable kitchen appliances, portable car appliances (which I personally love), and portable fire appliances. I really get a lot of use out of my portable hand-held vacuum cleaner for my car and my portable blender. I also have a personal tire inflation device that comes in handy when I have low tire pressure and can’t make it to a gas station.

A Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones.

My ‘Beats Studio’ headphones have been loyal to me for years now. I only had to replace the ear cushions once so far. The sound quality is amazing. I use them in the house and on-the-go. You definitely need a pair when traveling especially on airplanes. Just vibin’ and tuning out the world in peace.

Let me know in the comments some things that you believe are worth saving and splurging on.

love always,

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