03| My Autumn Bucket List

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun stops.

Here is my must-do bucket list (in no particular order):

  1. Coffee dates. I think this would be such a cute idea especially for coffee lovers. And if you’re looking for a break from the usual dinner and brunch dates.
  2. See a drive-in movie. The hopeless romantic inside of me is screaming to come out!
  3. Weekend Farmer’s and Flea Markets. I get to shop so what’s not to love?
  4. Hiking. It would be a great opportunity to get in some exercise and fresh air. I never knew there were so many hiking trails within Maryland.
  5. Eat apple cider donuts & try warm apple cider. The perfect combo, or so I’ve heard.
  6. Visit an apple orchard with pick-your-own flowers included at Webers Cider Mill Farm.
  7. Go to a Pumpkin Patch. I don’t think I ever carved a pumpkin before, I want to make a jack-o-latern.
  8. Wine & Music Festivals. My kind of vibeee.
  9. Haunted House attraction. I always find myself picking up a Field of Screams brochure from a store and never end up going. And probably still won’t go this year LOL.
  10. Have a horror movie marathon. There’s nothing like being curled up on the couch with snacks and a good movie.
  11. Axe-Throwing at Urban Axes.
  12. Explore local museums and art galleries. I haven’t been to a museum since my field trip days in middle school.
  13. Zip-lining. I always do zip-lining in the summer time, but I think it would be more comfortable weather-wise in the Fall. Plus I can wear longer pants and more protective wear.
  14. Attend a Friendsgiving– maybe.
  15. Corn or hay maze (bonus: hay ride included). Strongly considering The MD Corn Maze.
  16. Visit the gun range. I want to get my HQL really soon. Ladies, please learn to protect yourselves! Wilson Brothers Armory is a great option in the DMV area.

My somewhat “dream” autumn bucket list aka things I’m not planning to do this year but wouldn’t mind doing another time or next year, etc.:

  1. Camping or spend a weekend in a cabin. I’m particularly interested in the Getaway House- DC.
  2. Have an autumn picnic in the park. I’m not a fan of bugs but this’ll be real cute.
  3. Oktoberfest. An opportunity to day drink and eat food? Sign me up!
  4. Halloween Bar-Hopping in D.C. Cause it’s always lit.
  5. Fright Fest at Six Flags America. I only been once when I was kid but I enjoy all the thrills and chills.
  6. Bonfire party. S’mores anyone?
  7. Attend a football game (Go Ravens!!). I haven’t been to one in years but the experience is always a good time.

Also, I’m going to attempt to do BlogTober this year. I’m not promising to blog every single day, but I will try my best. If I’m not feeling called to blog, I simply will not blog. But I do want to challenge myself to blog more often so we will see how this goes.

All BlogTober posts are listed with a number proceeding the title of the post. For example, ” 01 | (title) “.

love always,

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