When You’re Having a Rough Day…

Sometimes when a lot of bad stuff seems to be happening, you begin to question your faith and it’s hard to see a way out. But please keep going, the sun will always shine again and it’s going to feel soo good.

Are you in a situation that you’re struggling to get out of? Do you feel stuck? This is a good quote to always remember and also one of my personal favorites. You are safe and divinely protected. What you’re going through now is only temporary. Better is coming!

Sometimes I can get so deeply depressed that I catch myself saying “I hate my life” when really it’s just a bad day. Life is so precious. Stop comparing your life to others, log off of social media for a while if you have to, and get your mind right. And don’t forget to breathe.

I can be sensitive af (water is my dominant element if you ain’t know) so yes, it’s important to feel the feels, you can honor your moods but also let them pass. We have more control over our thoughts and feelings than we may know. Always choose happiness and what’s best for YOU.

I hope this post made your day a little brighter in some way. Feel free to spread the joy and add your own favorite positive quotes in the comments. Take care!

Happy Friday eve! Xoxo

Till next time,

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