On The Day I Was Born | A Personal Research Project

Have you ever wondered what was happening in the world on the day you were born? What was the number one song? The most popular movie(s)?

In today’s post, I decided to do a little research about my birthdate. This was solely out of pure curiosity, boredom, and my love for the 90’s.

September 29th, 1993 was a Wednesday in early Autumn. Millennials, STAND UP!

According to Almanac.com, the high temperature reported that day was 65 degrees with a low temperature of 46 degrees. There was zero precipitation with 19.9 MI of visibility and a 9.09 MPH median wind gust. Being born a week into the Autumn season means that the weather will usually be a hit or miss. The past few birthdays have been on the cloudy colder side, which I dislike. I’ll always choose warm sunny weather on my birthday, always. On a brighter note, at least I don’t have to worry about snow.

Pop singer- Halsey, JoJo Simmons (one of Rev Run’s son), Stephen Boss (aka ‘Twitch’ from So You Think You Can Dance), and basketball player- Kevin Durant were all born on September 29th. As far as I know, there are no other celebrities that were born on the exact day and year that I was. There are a lot of Libra celebrities though, including Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Hilary Duff, Cardi B, T-Pain, Rosalia, Serena Williams, and Lucky Daye to name a few.

September 29th is known as National Veterans of Foreign Wars Day, Confucius Day (Confucius was a great Chinese philosopher born in 551 B.C.), National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, and National Coffee Day (how ironic, I love coffee!). As a kid growing up, I used to dread my birthday coming around because that always symbolized the start of the school year. But now as an adult, I look forward to the start of the NFL football season.

The 90’s was no stranger to scandal.

The first child sexual abuse allegation against Michael Jackson came out in February 1993 and in September 1993, the first lawsuit was filed against him, and a financial settlement was reached. But this was soon followed by more allegations coming out and ultimately affecting MJ’s public image and commercial standing. Also in September 1993, the wife of Washington Redskins owner- Marlene Cooke was arrested on a DUI charge. According to The Washington Post, she was seen speeding down M Street NW in Georgetown with a man clinging to the hood of her Jaguar convertible and pounding the windshield, police said.

In Sports News…

In September 1993, the Baltimore Ravens were known as the Indianapolis Colts (before they ran away in the middle of the night- if you know, you know). The Dallas Cowboys went on to win the Superbowl XXVIII that season against the Buffalo Bills for the second straight year. I had no idea the Bills and Cowboys played against each other in the Superbowl back-to-back! The Buffalo Bills got trampled the first year.

Politics and War…

In September 1993, Bill Clinton (Democrat) was the U.S. president (of course he was going through his own scandals during this time with women including Monica Lewinski). The UK prime minister was Sir John Major (conservative), and Pope St. John Paul II was leading the catholic church. On September 29th, 1993, Ghuslam Wyne, a Pakistani politician and Chief Minister of Punjab was murdered at 60.

I also found out that before the 9/11 terrorist attack happened in 2001, the World Trade Center was actually attacked for the first time on February 26th, 1993. A bomb was placed in a garage below the North tower killing 6 people and injuring 1,000.

Click here to read about more historical events on September 29th.

Now for the fun stuff that I really wanted to know…

The top 5 songs in the U.S. were…

  1. Mariah Carey- Dreamlover.
  2. SWV- Right Here (Human Nature).
  3. Tag Team- Whoomp! There it is.
  4. Billy Joel- The River of Dreams.
  5. Janet Jackson- If.

The number 1 song in the UK was…

  1. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince- Boom! Shake The Room.

These top song choices really put a smile on my face because I know how much I love most of these songs even now in 2022.

Many people were reading…

And it’s so funny because I have the book‘ Women Who Run with the Wolves’ saved in my Amazon wish list prior to doing this research. It must be fate.

What was playing in theaters on September 29th, 1993?

The thriller- MALICE starring Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman had just come out, thriller action movie- Undefeatable, and the horror film- Amityville: A New Generation premiered. One month after I was born, on October 29th, 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas came out- which was one of my favorite childhood movies growing up.

In general, 1993 had some great movies. Poetic Justice, Meance II Society, The Sandlot, Sleepless in Seattle, Adams Family Values, Mrs. Doubtfire, Demolition Man, This Boy’s Life, Carlito’s Way, Cool Runnings, A Bronx Tale, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, The Fugitive and more.

Have you ever researched your birthdate? what interesting facts did you find out? if you could go back in time to relive any era of your choice what would it be? I’d love to know.

Till next time,


Images provided by:

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Amazon- Women who run with the wolves book

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