10 | My Weirdest Obsessions

Shh, let’s keep this between us. My Weirdest Obsessions - The smell of gasoline. I know it’s toxic but getting a quick whiff is worth the risk for me (YOLO). I think gas smells heavenly. I’m not on that “My Strange Addiction” level obsessed, so no need for an intervention. I only inhale it when … Continue reading 10 | My Weirdest Obsessions

09 | Sunday Routines

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I feel like this weekend went by way too fast. They always do, but yet the work week drags by. I'm feeling well rested and calm today. I'm really enjoying Blogtober and the feedback I've gotten so far. My cold has pretty much went away … Continue reading 09 | Sunday Routines

08 | The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

Don’t you hate being on a long car ride and no one can agree on what to listen to? Most specifically car rides with your older family members. Mom, dad, uncle, etc. because everyone has their own taste is music and have grown up in different eras/generations. Luckily for me, I love old skool music … Continue reading 08 | The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

07 | What Do You Meme?

I don’t know about y’all but I cannot wait for the weekend. Work has me beat. So, I’m keeping things short and light by sharing some funny memes that will hopefully give you a good chuckle or a smile. That’s all for now. Feel free to drop a meme or two in the comments so … Continue reading 07 | What Do You Meme?

06 | The Blogtober Tag

Shout out to: Stacey Leanne for this fun tag idea that I couldn’t resist. You can check out her Blogtober tag post HERE. Let’s jump right into it! What is your favorite scent? I found that I really like clean, fresh, and woodsy scents rather than sweet and floral ones. 'Blue Cedar Fig' candles are … Continue reading 06 | The Blogtober Tag

04 | How to Get Rid of a Common Cold- Fast!

As I’m laying in the bed with a common cold, I thought it would make sense to share my tips on how to feel better when you’re feeling under the weather. Being sick is miserable, even more so now that we’re in a pandemic. You can’t even sneeze or cough without someone thinking you have … Continue reading 04 | How to Get Rid of a Common Cold- Fast!

03| My Autumn Bucket List

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun stops. Here is my must-do bucket list (in no particular order): Coffee dates. I think this would be such a cute idea especially for coffee lovers. And if you're looking for a break from the usual dinner and brunch dates.See a drive-in movie. The hopeless romantic … Continue reading 03| My Autumn Bucket List