On The Day I Was Born | A Personal Research Project

Have you ever wondered what was happening in the world on the day you were born? What was the number one song? The most popular movie(s)?

Lucky Daye’s ‘Candydrip’ Tour | Concert Review

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Lucky Daye in concert on Saturday April 16th, 2022. I truly felt like it was my lucky day (pun intended).

‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ Tour | Concert Experience & Review

If you never seen Tyler, the Creator in concert, this is your sign to buy that ticket!

12 Days till Christmas// Blogmas 2021

Hey there, I am kicking off blogmas with a fun Christmas tag. Instead of starting blogmas on Dec. 1st, I decided to be easy on myself by blogging for the 12 days leading up to Christmas instead. Not overwhelming myself is the goal. Also, every blogmas post will not be Christmas related. Enjoy 🙂 The … Continue reading 12 Days till Christmas// Blogmas 2021

10 | My Weirdest Obsessions

Shh, let’s keep this between us. My Weirdest Obsessions - The smell of gasoline. I know it’s toxic but getting a quick whiff is worth the risk for me (YOLO). I think gas smells heavenly. I’m not on that “My Strange Addiction” level obsessed, so no need for an intervention. I only inhale it when … Continue reading 10 | My Weirdest Obsessions

06 | The Blogtober Tag

Shout out to: Stacey Leanne for this fun tag idea that I couldn’t resist. You can check out her Blogtober tag post HERE. Let’s jump right into it! What is your favorite scent? I found that I really like clean, fresh, and woodsy scents rather than sweet and floral ones. 'Blue Cedar Fig' candles are … Continue reading 06 | The Blogtober Tag

Dog Tag: Meet My Yorkie

I decided to keep things light this weekend by doing a quick dog tag post. My dog is basically a member of my family and he’s one of my best-est most loyal friends. So, here goes.. Name & Meaning// His name is Ace. I wanted something simple but strong. Ace also represents the ‘Ace of … Continue reading Dog Tag: Meet My Yorkie