04 | How to Get Rid of a Common Cold- Fast!

As I’m laying in the bed with a common cold, I thought it would make sense to share my tips on how to feel better when you’re feeling under the weather. Being sick is miserable, even more so now that we’re in a pandemic. You can’t even sneeze or cough without someone thinking you have … Continue reading 04 | How to Get Rid of a Common Cold- Fast!

I Tested Positive for COVID-19

Hello diary readers, I just wanted to keep you all updated on what’s been going on with me health-wise. I know everyone doesn’t follow me on IG and Facebook so I thought I’d write something quick on here. On January 17th 2021, I decided to get tested for COVID because I had become very sick … Continue reading I Tested Positive for COVID-19

Christmas is Cancelled

But like, not really. I don't know how many times I have to tell my family I'm not participating in the gift exchange this year, and to not go crazy with buying me a lot of stuff. But yet.. they proceed to ignore me and now I feel obligated to Christmas shop for them in … Continue reading Christmas is Cancelled

Tips for Improving Your Memory

"The month of November is known as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. President Ronald Reagan made that designation in 1983 and it is something that is still recognized today. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, at that time there were less than two million people with the disease. Through the years that number has grown to more than … Continue reading Tips for Improving Your Memory

Mercury Is out of Reggaeton

The countdown is on only 7 weeks and 5 days left of 2020, let's try to make the best out of it! Here are my monthly favorites for October in the categories of: TV, movies, books, music, podcast episodes, fashion & beauty, food, technology, health, and my new category- monthly news & blog updates. T.V. … Continue reading Mercury Is out of Reggaeton

Door-Knockers & EP’s

Welp, it’s been the most non-summery summer ever. Like it’s honestly & truly August 1st already?! Fall is less than 8 weeks away. What the actual f- - -! But anyways, my favorites for the month of July areee *drumrolls*: Television Shows I first binged all 3 seasons of The Handmaids Tale. I'm not sure … Continue reading Door-Knockers & EP’s

Cheesesteaks & Tote Bags

Welcome back! It’s July 1st and before we get underway into the month, here’s what I've been loving throughout the month of June in the categories of entertainment, hair & beauty, fashion, food, and health. I'm still contemplating whether I want to bring monthly favorites back regularly or not, as they can be very long … Continue reading Cheesesteaks & Tote Bags