My Top Favorite Fashion Icons

If you could raid any celebrities closet who would it be? That's one of the questions I had in mind when writing today’s post. No, I’m not a fashion blogger. I don't care about wearing the most expensive or designer clothing brands, nor do I care to follow all the latest fashion trends. I actually … Continue reading My Top Favorite Fashion Icons

Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block and Finding Balance

My first tip to overcoming writer’s block is to surprisingly- STOP writing. I know that sounds crazy but it actually does make sense if you really think about it. If you try to force yourself to write when you're feeling uninspired you're only going to be writing bullshit, excuse my French. When I was going … Continue reading Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block and Finding Balance

555 : Unexpected Blessings

Let me tell you about the power of manifestation. I promise I won’t hold you too long. One of the ways I like to manifest is through scripting/law of attraction. Manifesting during the full and new moon cycles seem to be the most powerful times for me. Scripting is when you write out your life … Continue reading 555 : Unexpected Blessings

I Logged & Decoded My Dreams for a Month and These Were the Results

Dreams are our mind’s way of sorting through the stresses and anxieties of our conscious life. Prior to this experiment, I had no idea how powerful the unconscious mind could really be. I was always curious about why we forgot our dreams as soon as we wake up, but other times we are able to … Continue reading I Logged & Decoded My Dreams for a Month and These Were the Results

My ‘Growing Up Shy’ Story..

Introverts are anti-social. They're mean, shy, boring, scared, insecure, and difficult people. Extroverts are confident, happy, and likeable. Those are just a few of the ignorant myths that all introverts have probably heard at least once. The most annoying 'eye-rolling-worthy' question that I remember being asked alot was: “Do you talk"?. This post is not … Continue reading My ‘Growing Up Shy’ Story..