Why I Quit Blogging: A Reintroduction

Hey there, I'm back! it's been nearly a year and a half since my last blog post. One year, five months and ten days to be exact, but I can explain.. To make a long story semi-short, life sort of just happened. 2019 was rough. But 2020 was like: "But wait, there's more!!" *spits profusely* … Continue reading Why I Quit Blogging: A Reintroduction

Get to Know Me Tag

What better way to kick off my blog than with a fun get to know me tag. Although I wasn't personally tagged to do this I thought it would be a cool idea anyway. Hope you enjoy! 1. What is your full name? Tiffany Minnyetta Hill 2. Are you named after anyone? My middle name was … Continue reading Get to Know Me Tag