Respect My Boundaries

“NO” is a complete sentence and it’s one that requires no explanation. I don’t need convincing and please don’t ask me anymore questions after I said what I said. Nowadays, when my boundaries are ignored or pushed, I immediately go into defense mode and all respect is off the table. It has honestly taken me … Continue reading Respect My Boundaries

Date Night Ideas for Any Budget

Is chivalry and romance really dead in this day and age? It's definitely not dead over here. In fact, I can't imagine dating someone who's not romantic and thoughtful. Here are some fun date night ideas I researched and put together for myself, and also for you. Mentally stimulate each other. What better way to … Continue reading Date Night Ideas for Any Budget

Side Effects of A Non-Affectionate Childhood

I can count on one hand how many times I remember being hugged or held by a parent. I'm not saying my parents didn't love me, I just don't remember being comforted when I really needed it. And whenever I was, it was always my dad. But once I grew up into middle-school ages, it … Continue reading Side Effects of A Non-Affectionate Childhood