Respect My Boundaries

“NO” is a complete sentence and it’s one that requires no explanation. I don’t need convincing and please don’t ask me anymore questions after I said what I said. Nowadays, when my boundaries are ignored or pushed, I immediately go into defense mode and all respect is off the table. It has honestly taken me … Continue reading Respect My Boundaries

Self Care Ideas for Stress and Anxiety

Making time to take care of yourself should always be a priority, and you should never feel bad about it. It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. First, let's introduce the power of Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy- the usage of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils with claims for improving psychological and physical wellbeing. Some calming … Continue reading Self Care Ideas for Stress and Anxiety

My ‘Growing Up Shy’ Story..

Introverts are anti-social. They're mean, shy, boring, scared, insecure, and difficult people. Extroverts are confident, happy, and likeable. Those are just a few of the ignorant myths that all introverts have probably heard at least once. The most annoying 'eye-rolling-worthy' question that I remember being asked alot was: “Do you talk"?. This post is not … Continue reading My ‘Growing Up Shy’ Story..