Christmas is Cancelled

But like, not really. I don't know how many times I have to tell my family I'm not participating in the gift exchange this year, and to not go crazy with buying me a lot of stuff. But yet.. they proceed to ignore me and now I feel obligated to Christmas shop for them in … Continue reading Christmas is Cancelled

Mercury Is out of Reggaeton

The countdown is on only 7 weeks and 5 days left of 2020, let's try to make the best out of it! Here are my monthly favorites for October in the categories of: TV, movies, books, music, podcast episodes, fashion & beauty, food, technology, health, and my new category- monthly news & blog updates. T.V. … Continue reading Mercury Is out of Reggaeton

Door-Knockers & EP’s

Welp, it’s been the most non-summery summer ever. Like it’s honestly & truly August 1st already?! Fall is less than 8 weeks away. What the actual f- - -! But anyways, my favorites for the month of July areee *drumrolls*: Television Shows I first binged all 3 seasons of The Handmaids Tale. I'm not sure … Continue reading Door-Knockers & EP’s